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PVC Roller Shutters

Custom pvc roller shutters for sale online: prices and offers

Are you looking for pvc shutters made in Italy and made with certified materials? Buy roller shutters online in the Windowo shop: discover the best models of pvc roller shutters on offer at discounted prices.

Each PVC roller shutter is accurately described in the precise product sheets. Each description indicates technical characteristics, recommended uses, construction materials, sizes and colors. However, for any other clarification on plastic shutters we remain at your complete disposal.

What are the main advantages of PVC shutters?

Choosing the best type of roller shutter for your home or business may not be easy. If you buy a PVC shutter you will find that these fantastic plastic shutters should not be underestimated at all: they are the ideal solution to guarantee privacy and blackout . In addition, the security of the windows of the house will increase, decreasing the chances of suffering theft.

The most important advantages of plastic roller shutters are:
  • Privacy and blackout;
  • Security against occasional thieves;
  • Practicality in maintenance and ease of installation;
  • Acoustic insulation and resistance to atmospheric agents;
  • Aesthetics: possibility to customize by choosing sizes and colors.

PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is a light and resistant material, which can be customized in different colors and which allows the creation of silent and economical plastic shutters. A plastic roller shutter does not require much maintenance and is easy to assemble and install.

There are different weights of pvc roller shutters. In fact, each PVC shutter has a specific weight per square meter : the more it weighs, the more robust it is, resistant to atmospheric agents (such as particularly harsh climate or gusts of wind) and safe in case of break-ins.

We can distinguish between these different types of PVC roller shutters, based on the increase in weight per square meter:
  • Pvc shutters weighing 4 kg / m2, economical and installable in different environments;
  • PVC shutters weighing 4.5 kg / m2, the most used and sold online;
  • PVC shutters in resistant plastic weighing 5.5 kg / m2;
  • PVC shutters in heavy plastic weighing 6.5 kg / m2;
  • Anti-hail and reinforced PVC shutters 7.5 kg / sq m;
  • Pvc glass fiber shutters: the most resistant.

Customized pvc roller shutters, customizable models as you prefer

Discover fantastic customizable PVC shutters : you can choose the characteristics according to your needs. Choose the pvc roller shutter model you prefer, select the sizes and the color and immediately discover our unmissable offer.

You may have noticed that there are standard roller shutters that cost less because they are made in series. The problem is that they cannot fit perfectly into the windows they are installed on. Each of our bespoke PVC shutters is made with millimeter precision to fit exactly the window, without leaving empty spaces.

Are you looking for cheap roller shutters? Pvc roller shutters prices

The window and door sector is always evolving. You can find various roller shutters on the market, from classic models to modern versions featuring the latest technologies. The most common is the PVC roller shutter for its excellent quality-price ratio: it is the cheapest model but at the same time the most durable and light.

How much do pvc shutters cost? PVC shutters are definitely the economic shutters with the most affordable prices. The price of a plastic roller shutter changes according to the weight per square meter, the size, the accessories and the type of maneuver chosen.

So the cost of plastic shutters is low. The plastic roller shutters that you find for sale in the Windowo online store are offered at an extremely advantageous price.



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