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Tilt and Turn Window Handles

Tilt and Turn Window Handles Online Sale

This section is dedicated to the best DK window handles with dry-keep movement, i.e. tilt and turn, suitable for use on windows and French windows. They are also referred to by some as "DK hammers".

What does the term DK window handle mean?

In English the term " keep dry " means "to keep dry ". These handles are called DK as they protect from humidity and do so by allowing a door and bottom hinged opening. If a window moves both sash and vasistas, it is called tilt and turn in the jargon.

Some experts in handles claim that the term DK derives from the German word " Dreh Kipp Fenster " which in Italian can be translated as tilt-and-turn window.

However you want to see it, DK indicates a type of opening both with sash and vasistas , and this allows those who use the window a better control of the air exchange and greater protection in case of rain.

If you want to find out more about this topic, we recommend reading our article dedicated to tilt-and-turn windows .

DK window handles for sale online on Windowo

With DK handles your windows are safer because the clicks warn you of the closing, opening and tilting of the sash (vasistas). Discover the models for sale at discounted prices in the Windowo online store.

On Windowo you can buy really many models of DK type window handles. To help you choose, we have divided them by type of furniture , so you can search for models to create the style you want:
  • Classic DK Handles : traditional style tilt and turn window handles. They are usually made of brass.
  • Modern DK Handles : if you are looking for a DK handle with an innovative design, this is the category for you.
  • DK Steel Handles : many handles to open bottom hinged windows made of stainless steel.
  • DK Luxury Handles : dk hammer handles for vasistas windows that aspire to become jewels.
  • Vintage DK handles: handles that recall the shapes of the past. Savor a retro style.
  • Wrought Iron DK Handles : the safety of iron with a handle. Produced with artisanal techniques.
  • DK Porcelain Handles : the charm of the porcelain handle enhances the beauty of the windows.

What are you waiting for? Start looking for the right DK handle for your home windows now. You will see that on Windowo you can find the most suitable accessory at a discounted price. Just enter the product sheet to immediately discover the technical characteristics of each model of handle on sale.

If you want some advice for your purchase, you can read the guide to find the best window handles on our blog.



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