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Polycarbonate canopies for sale online

Polycarbonate canopies made of custom-made and economical aluminium. Calculate the discounted price for your polycarbonate canopy now. Find many models of polycarbonate canopies capable of providing quality coverage suitable for every protection need. Buy your new polycarbonate shelter for sale online in the Windowo professional shop.

Custom-made polycarbonate and aluminum canopies

Are you looking for polycarbonate canopies? We offer you a wide choice of canopies with polycarbonate roofing and aluminum structure .

The plexiglass shelters that you find for sale on Windowo are of high quality but also economical.

What is an outdoor polycarbonate canopy?

An outdoor polycarbonate canopy is the ideal covering system for an entrance and wherever it is necessary to provide shelter from rain, snow or hail.

It is a versatile and safe solution, easy to assemble and achievable in different furnishing styles to match various types of architecture.

A beautiful plexiglass shelter constitutes a refined and aesthetically appreciated welcome sign.

Polycarbonate shelters: what are the advantages?

  • Easy to install: They are supplied in kits, complete with all screws and assembly instructions. A patented system that allows the shelter to be assembled piece by piece, directly on the wall, without requiring particular scaffolding or demanding lifting equipment.
  • Modular system: By joining multiple modules it is possible to obtain any width. Furthermore, with the corner modules, it is possible to follow the shape of the wall and obtain continuity of the shelter everywhere.
  • Attention to every detail: Perfectly integrated into the design of the shelter, the gutter channels the water towards the side drains, eliminating those annoying drips in front of the door. On the opposite side, however, the aluminum profile equipped with a soft rubber gasket prevents infiltrations along the wall. Screws, supports and each terminal element are carefully hidden from view by suitable matching covers.
  • Certified: They are built in Italy and guaranteed against corrosion and yellowing of the roof. In the test conditions as certified by ISTEDIL, our rain shelters are able to withstand loads of up to 200 kg per square meter.

What is the best polycarbonate shelter?

The choice of the right plexiglass and polycarbonate shelters is not objective but should be based on your personal taste.

In our opinion, the best polycarbonate shelter is the Egò Royal Pat model, which on Windowo you can find for sale in three different projection sizes: 65cm, 95cm and 125cm.

We particularly appreciate the Egò Royal Pat shelter because it is a modular and simple to assemble model, with no size limits.

In fact, all you need to do is select a basic module and the related additional modules to cover any desired length.

Sale of polycarbonate canopies for the protection of doors, windows and entrances

Easy, safe and versatile custom-made shelters: our polycarbonate canopies are characterized by the simplicity of assembly and the reliability of the materials with which they are made.

They are installed on entrances, windows, balconies and wherever there is a need for shelter from rain, hail and snow. Make your entrance welcoming with style and elegance!

Read the buying guide for polycarbonate shelters on the Windowo blog.

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