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Garden Houses

Garden Houses Prices and Offers

Garden sheds at the best online prices and special offers

Garden sheds: discover the best wooden and plastic models for furnishing. On Windowo you can find garden houses of various sizes. Online sales at the best prices on special offer.

Garden houses at the best online prices

Garden houses are an intelligent solution for storing your tools and everything you need for outdoor life (or for creating extra space).

A garden house can provide an ideal spot for bird watching, reading or other activities. Furthermore, garden sheds are also perfect as a space for guests or as an outdoor room that can be locked away when not in use.

Many models of garden sheds to choose from

Does your garden look messy? On Windowo you will find many beautiful garden houses to live your green space in joy.

In our online shop you can buy two main types of garden sheds online:
  • Wooden garden houses: the models made of fine fir, pine or other high quality material;
  • PVC sheds: specific products for outdoor use, hard and resistant with no need for maintenance.

The main advantage of plastic solutions is that they are maintenance free. The garden houses made of wood are instead a great classic of do-it-yourself. These too can last a long time, but with periodic maintenance.

How to choose the right garden house model?

Every outdoor space needs a focal point to express itself at its best. A garden shed can be that focal point and make your outdoor space come alive in style.

Considering a garden shed only as a storage room for gardening tools is limiting. It can also serve as a shelter for lawnmowers, hedge trimmers, leaf blowers and even bicycles. This space protects your items from winter weather and the sun on hot summer days.

But deciding which garden shed to buy may not be an easy task. We recommend a few questions you could ask yourself to make an informed choice.

How much space do you need?

Our advice is to calculate the size you need considering that the largest garden tool should fit easily.

Most garden sheds store small commonly used tools. Slightly larger garden sheds can fit a lawnmower.

If you need more space, you will be interested to know that we also sell very large large garden houses, up to real garden houses.

Which material is the most suitable for you?

The garden houses that you find for sale on Windowo are very resistant and last a long time. However, some need more care than others.

In fact, as we have already said, plastic and resin houses are resistant, easy to maintain and do not need periodic maintenance (unlike wood).

Garden houses prices and special offers

How much does a garden shed cost? The honest answer is that it depends. It depends on the size, material and characteristics of the model.

What we are sure of is that on Windowo the prices of garden houses are low and on offer. Give it a try: choose a model and compare us with other physical or digital stores.

Garden Houses



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