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Flashing lights for gates for sale online

Flashing lights for gates: discover the best models of flashing lights for gates on sale online. Buy at low prices thanks to the unmissable offers on Windowo.

Flashing lights for electric gates: online prices and offers

Flashing lights for automatic gates: discover the best models for gate automation for sale online on Windowo. The flashing light has the task of signaling that the electric gate is moving. This signals a potential dangerous situation and that you need to behave with caution when crossing it.

Why is the flashing light on the gate not working?

It may happen that the flashing light on the gate goes off or stops, remaining fixed.

If the light is off , the bulb is probably burned out and needs to be replaced. The life of a light bulb is also affected by the vibrations of the gate or by infiltration of water and humidity.

With steady light it is probably a card failure. In this case you will have to repair the component and return to a safe situation.

Flashing Lights for Gates



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