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Somfy Connectivity Kit to Control Motors with Smartphone

Brands: Somfy
Code: 1870755
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Somfy Connectivity Kit to control automations via Smartphone.
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Somfy Connectivity Kit - I and RTS Motorized Equipment Control with Smartphone

Somfy Connectivity Kit is the gateway to connect your Somfy io and RTS motors and lighting accessories with the TaHoma app or by voice.

Discover the advantages of the connectivity kit : my Somfy equipment with the little extra that changes everything.

Somfy Connectivity Kit to Control Motors with Smartphone

kit di connessione Somfy 1870755

Why choose the Somfy 1870755 connection kit?

The Somfy 1870755 connection kit is designed to collaborate with Somfy TaHoma Switch (the home automation box can be purchased separately on Windowo).
  • Connect and centralize the io and RTS motorized equipment and home automation lights equipped with radio receivers and control them uniquely or individually via the TaHoma smartphone application;
  • Control the appliances in your home in 2 ways: via the TaHoma app at home or remotely, or with voice assistants compatible with Amazon Alexa, the Google Assistant and HomeKit;
  • Add up to 20 devices with the TaHoma app and create customized scenarios to make your life easier (planned and advanced scenarios not available with the connectivity kit);
  • With the TaHoma app, check the status of your devices and control them remotely;
  • Compatible with io and RTS engines as well as lights equipped with Somfy radio receiver, and some Velux products.

connectivity kit somfy connessione

Somfy connectivity kit: what are the features?

By adding a touch of connectivity , a world of possibilities opens up. Somfy's connected devices help you make the most of your home.

With the Somfy Connectivity kit, you can connect and centralize the io and RTS motorized appliances in your home to control them via your smartphone with the TaHoma application, or by voice with the voice assistants: Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Homekit.

Connect and centralize your Somfy equipment
With the Somfy Connectivity Kit you connect and centralize Somfy io and RTS motors and lights with a Somfy receiver to control them individually or as a group via the TaHoma application.

If in doubt you can check the status of the equipment from home or remotely, and modify it if necessary. For example, when the wind picks up, you can check if the terrace awning is up and close it if necessary.

Check your equipment by voice
The Connectivity kit is compatible with HomeKit, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant! Create your scenario in the TaHoma application and launch it by voice with a voice assistant.

Product compatibility with Apple HomeKit may vary by country.

Somfy Connectivity Kit compatibility
Several Somfy devices can be connected to the Connectivity kit: motors for roller shutters, internal blinds, garage doors and gates, Venetian blinds, awnings, roller shutters, pergolas, external blinds, terrace awnings, as well as some Velux products; and lighting with a Somfy radio receiver.

From smart application to home automation , experience the most complete and effective connected experience . You can add up to 20 devices in the TaHoma application and create scenarios to simplify your daily life (planned and advanced scenarios not available).

Kit di connettività Somfy è compatibile con tecnologia RTS e io-homecontrol

Somfy connectivity kit is compatible with RTS technology and io-homecontrol

Make the most of your smart home . The Somfy Connection Kit is compatible with both of the two most used Somfy radio technologies : RTS and io-homecontrol.

The RTS (Radio Technology Somfy®) technology displays the product icon and allows management on the three management levels: high limit switch, low limit switch, intermediate limit switch. All this without displaying the position in which it is located and without detecting any anomaly.

On the other hand, io-homecontrol technology allows you to view the product knowing its exact position and also providing diagnostics in case of perceived anomalies.

connessione somfy
D. Diferencia entre este equipo y el tahoma switch
R. Good morning Jose, the kit is used to connect products that would not be connected (thermostatic valve for example). The tahoma is used to create home automation routines. Kind regards Alberto
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