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Handcrafted wrought iron handles made in Italy

Artistic and handcrafted wrought iron handles, made in Italy for door furnishings. Buy your new wrought iron handle online in the Windowo shop. Discover discounted prices and special offers for a wide selection of high-quality rustic handles.

Wrought iron handles for sale online

Iron is not a noble metal but noble are the forms it can take thanks to the creativity and work of the craftsman. The use of artisan production techniques, combined with modern technologies, makes the door handles of the wrought iron collection a high quality production both from a technical and aesthetic point of view.

Are you looking for a wrought iron handle ? In the Windowo online store you can buy online the best wrought iron handles for the rustic style furnishing of interior doors and also ideal for the oldest exterior doors. You will be able to create a unique and authentic effect, which will surely amaze the most demanding interior design expert.

Authentic wrought iron handles with handcrafted techniques

Did you know that iron was the first type of steel to be discovered? It was most likely created by chance as a by-product of copper production. This particular material has its own personal and spontaneous style that is well suited to any style of furniture.

Just like in the past, wrought iron is hot forged and hammered on the blacksmith's anvil, until the desired wrought iron handles are obtained. The craftsman specializing in the forging of artistic wrought iron is the iron master.

The art of working wrought iron to perfection

The working of iron dates back to antiquity, but it was only in the 12th century that the blacksmith's profession acquired prestige with the birth of the first artisan guilds. Mastri ferrai are craftsmen capable of forging wrought iron handles in various ways and forms of remarkable artistic and decorative quality.

Every day we deal with handle manufacturers (such as the famous Galbusera brand or the Italian brand Lorenz Ferart) that have been working wrought iron for generations using the same craft techniques. They are Italian companies that produce products of great value, unique and original.

A wrought iron handle made to measure for you

The attention to detail allows us to offer a valuable and high quality product. A handle wrought iron can really impreziosir and every corner of your home.

The iron door handles can be on a rose or on a plate.

Iron handles for doors on rose
A wrought iron handle on a rosette has the handle grip separated from the key hole. The upper part is called the rosette, while the lower part where the key is inserted is called the escutcheon. The nozzle can have a Key / Patent, Cylinder / Yale or WC type key hole for the toilets. You can choose the type of drilling you want in the product sheet, before placing your order.

Iron handles for doors on plate
In door handles on plate the distance (in mm) between the center of the hole, where the handle is inserted, and the key hole can vary. These differences usually depend from country to country.

When ordering the iron handles on the plate, we recommend that you measure the distance between the holes and write us what the measurement is (in mm), so as to avoid any kind of error. If you do not notify us at the time of ordering, the handles on the plate will be made with a length between the standard holes (i.e. the Italian size normally made by the handle manufacturers).

Wrought iron handles prices and offers

When we say "a wrought iron door handle" we actually mean a pair of wrought iron handles: in our shop the price includes two handles to be applied on the same door.



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