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Window Handle Cremonese Giesse Euro Bidirectional for Sash Opening

Brands: Giesse
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Window Handle Cremonese Giesse Euro Ambidextrous Bidirectional for Sash Opening

Euro version without key (no key) suitable for nodes of the type C001, C002, C003, C004, C005, C006, C007, C008, C009, C010, C012, C013, C014, C015, C016, C017, P001, P002, P004, P005, P006, P007, P008, P009, P010. We recommend reading the PDF "Nodes Type Swing C", which describes the nodes and series / systems to which this article is suitable (found in the "Documents" section of the product sheet).

Giesse Euro cremone handle functions:

Ambidextrous cremone bolt, for open joint systems for activating leaf mechanisms, with 90 ° rotation and positioning click in opening and closing.

Giesse Cremonese window handle finishes:

Silver, Bronze, White Ral 9010, Ivory Ral 1013, Black Ral 9005.

Cremonese handle Giesse

Giesse Cremonese window handle technical features:

The use of quality die-cast materials and the adoption of the Giesse painting system guarantee high mechanical qualities as well as uniformity of colors and strong resistance to abrasion.

The Euro cremone bolt has fixing center distances at 104mm and 84mm, but can be easily adapted for fixing with center distance at 98mm.

  • 1 fixing plate
  • 2 TCCE M5x14 screws

  • Die-cast aluminum handle
  • Cremonese case, gear
  • Racks and slides in die-cast zamak
  • Inner sheath and base in Hostaform
  • Steel spring
  • Screw and fixing plate in stainless steel


NOTE: More information on the product is contained in the PDF attached to the product sheet (you can download it by clicking on "Documents").

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