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Gate Stops

Gate Stops and End Strokes

Gate stops and end strokes to stop the gate

Gate stops are ideal gate accessories for stopping the gate from moving. Discover the best end strokes models and buy professional products at low prices on Windowo.

Gate stops and end strokes for sale online

The stops for swing gates or for electric locks are specific accessories for gates, ideal for controlling the gate's travel.

Our gate knockers are the ideal accessory to control and stop the movement of the gate with precision. Discover our selection of the best limit stop models, designed to offer functionality and safety. Buy professional products at competitive prices on Windowo and ensure high quality accessories for the gate stop.

On Windowo you can find different gate stops models for sale online:
  • swing gate stops for electric locks,
  • welded gate swing,
  • gate swing to fix,
  • adjustable gate swing,
  • end stops,
  • and so on.

Gate swing prices and models

Are you looking for a gate swing at the best price? The offer of Windowo brand limit switches is unbeatable.

Discover many gate doors made with quality materials and available in different shapes and sizes.

Stop for gate: questions and answers

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding gate end stops for gates, with their respective answers:

What exactly are gate stops?
Gate stops are devices designed to stop or limit the movement of a gate, ensuring that it closes in the correct position.

What is the difference between a gate stop and a end stroke?
A gate stop is generally a physical device that blocks the gate, while an end stroke can be a mechanical or electronic device that signals the gate automation system to stop.

Can I install a swing or end stop on any type of gate?
Most gate leaves and limit stops are universal, but it is important to check the specifications to ensure they are compatible with your gate.

Are they necessary for automatic gates?
Yes, they are especially important for automatic gates to ensure that the gate stops safely and precisely.

Are these devices resistant to atmospheric agents?
Our doors and end stops are designed to resist atmospheric agents, ensuring durability and reliability over time.

Do you have models suitable for heavy gates?
Yes, we offer specific models for heavy gates, designed to handle larger loads without compromising functionality.

Gate Stops and End Strokes



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