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Security Locks for Doors

Security locks for doors - Online shop

Security locks for doors for sale in our shop. Discover the best solutions for door closures by Omec, Iseo, Savio, IBFM, FASEM, Cipierre and many other professional brands. Buy your new secure lock online on Windowo.

Security locks for doors and closing systems

How to choose safety locks? Are you looking for quality locks? On Windowo you are in the right place.

Discover the burglar-proof locking system best suited to the specific type of your window frame (aluminium, iron, wood or PVC) by reading our product sheets.

Each security lock is carefully described, placing particular emphasis on the technical characteristics and methods of application on the door.

Best brands of security locks for sale online

Windowo offers you a wide choice of the best brands of security door locks available on the market.

Among the brands we sell online there are Omec, Iseo Serrature, IBFM, Savio, FASEM, Cipierre branded security locks and many other renowned manufacturers.

We are sure of the high quality of our offer: if you choose a security lock on Windowo you will be able to sleep peacefully.

How much does a security door lock cost?

It depends on the installation needs. For example, the price of a door lock can vary between applications on a new armored door, or in the case of a door with years of hard work behind it.

This does not mean that, even in the second case, the installed product must be in good condition, safe and installed by professional and qualified personnel.

Precisely because we find a great variety of door locks on the market, the prices also fluctuate a lot: the costs can vary from less than 100 euros to over 200. Normally the price should be proportional to the duration of resistance to the attempted break-in , but it is not said that a high cost is synonymous with equally high quality.

At Windowo our first objective is to guarantee you safe and reliable security locks for doors, at the lowest possible price.

Security locks: we answer the 10 most frequently asked questions

Below you will find our answers regarding the world of security locks.

1 - What is a security lock?
A security lock is designed to provide a superior level of protection against break-in attempts. These locks use advanced mechanisms and durable materials to increase the security of your doors.

2 - What are the main types of security locks?
The main types include security cylinder interior and exterior door locks, multi-point locks, electronic locks, and anti-bumping, anti-picking and anti-drilling locks for armored doors.

3 - How does a security cylinder lock work?
A security cylinder lock uses a complex mechanism of pins, which makes it very difficult to force it or pick the cylinder.

4 - Are electronic locks considered security locks?
Yes, electronic locks can offer a high level of security, especially those equipped with features such as app control, access codes, or biometric recognition.

5 - How much do security locks cost?
Prices vary based on type, brand, and specific features. Security locks may cost slightly more than standard locks, but they offer a much higher level of protection.

6 - Is it difficult to install a security lock?
Installing an interior or exterior door lock can range from simple to complex depending on the type of lock. For more advanced locks, it is advisable to contact a professional.

7 - How can I know if a security lock is compatible with my door?
Check the lock specifications and measurements of your door. If in doubt, consult a professional or the manufacturer's customer service.

8 - Do security locks require maintenance?
Like all locks, security locks also require regular maintenance, including lubrication and cleaning, to ensure their correct functioning over time.

9 - What to do if my security lock fails?
In the event of a malfunction of the door locks we recommend that you contact a professional locksmith immediately (to avoid unnecessary risks).

10 - Can I upgrade my existing lock to a security one?
Yes, in many cases it is possible to upgrade your existing lock with a security model. Check compatibility and, if necessary, ask a professional for assistance.

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