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Security Locks

Security Locks for Doors

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Security locks for doors: locking systems for windows

How to choose the security locks ? Are you looking for quality locks ? On Windowo you are in the right place.

Discover the anti- burglary locking system best suited to the specific type of your window (aluminum, iron, wood or PVC) by reading our product sheets.

Each safety lock is described carefully, with particular emphasis on the technical characteristics and methods of application on the door.

Best brands of security locks for sale online

Windowo offers you a wide choice of the best brands of security door locks available on the market.

Among the brands we sell online there are Omec , Iseo Serrature, IBFM, Savio, FASEM and many other renowned manufacturers.

We are sure of the high quality of our offer: if you choose a safety lock on Windowo you can sleep peacefully.

Security Locks

How much does a security lock cost?

It depends on the installation needs.

For example, the price of a door lock can vary between an application on a new security door, or in the case of a front door with its years of hard work behind it.

This does not mean that, even in the second case, the installed product must be in good condition, safe and installed by professional and qualified personnel.

Precisely because we find on the market a great variety of door locks, prices also fluctuate a lot: costs can vary from less than 100 euros to over 200. Normally the price should be proportional to the duration of resistance to the break-in attempt , but it is not said that a high cost is synonymous with the same quality.

On Windowo our first goal is to guarantee you security locks for safe and reliable doors, at the lowest possible price.



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