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Burglar alarm sirens - Online shop

Professional burglar alarm sirens at low online prices on special offer. Discover the best systems to protect your home from thieves. External alarm sirens for sale in the Windowo specialized shop.

Burglar alarm sirens for sale online

Burglar alarm sirens discounted online prices: discover the best systems to protect your home from thieves. For sale in the Windowo shop.

What are the alarm sirens used for?

The anti-theft sirens have this task: to attract the attention of those who hear it and to detect any intruder. Our advice is to install at least one anti- theft siren outside in an anti-theft system.

Buying a Somfy alarm siren, or a reliable brand, will be a good decision for two main reasons:
  • outdoor sirens are an excellent deterrent to inform any malicious person that the house is protected by an home burglar alarm system;
  • in addition, an anti- theft siren will be able to attract the attention of neighbors and passers-by and thus put the thief to flight.

Outdoor sirens or indoor sirens?

The siren inside the house serves to disturb the intruder. and then put it on the run. In addition to the external siren, the most commonly used, the installation of an internal siren is also recommended, an economical solution, but capable of generating a strong discomfort to any intruder, limiting their stay inside the home.

Where is the siren placed for an alarm?

Alarm sirens should always be placed in a location facing the street. This way the alarm sound will reach as many people as possible. It makes no sense to place an external alarm siren on one side of the house towards an isolated area, even if the sound can spread for several meters.

How long can a siren alarm last?

The siren alarm can last a maximum of 3 minutes in total. To avoid breaking the laws relating to alarms, an intrusion alarm cannot sound longer than this.



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