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Porcelain handles for interior doors: add a romantic touch

Porcelain handles for sale online: discover prices and advantageous offers. With your new porcelain handle you can create a sophisticated and elegant decor . Buy the most beautiful handles in white ceramic or other original finishes on Windowo.

Porcelain handles for doors online sale

Discover a wide selection of porcelain door handles at discounted prices. Within this category you can find the best porcelain door handles equipped with a white porcelain handle.

Porcelain is the perfect material to add to the grip of a handle, as it is elegant to the eye and comfortable to the touch.

White porcelain handles: a romantic, sophisticated and elegant style

White porcelain is always able to make you feel particular emotions to the touch of your hands. This is why it is a material used for the construction of unique and original porcelain handles.

A brief history of porcelain

Porcelain is an ancient material that is obtained from a mixture of various minerals, in particular kaolin, which give the mixture the white color that characterizes it.

The first porcelain was produced in China, during the Tang Dynasty, between 618 and 907 AD Since then, Chinese factories have constantly improved their production techniques.

There are two main types of porcelain:

  • Hard porcelain is made up of a mixture of kaolin, feldspar and quartz and requires a temperature greater than 1280 ° C;
  • Soft porcelain has a firing temperature of 1200 ° C.

In Europe factories to produce porcelain are born, but they are unable to create hard porcelain: the first productions date back to 1575, near Florence, but they are soft porcelain. The first hard porcelain appears to be a creation of Johann Friedrich Böttger, a German alchemist who, after long searching for the philosopher's stone, was forced by Augustus the Strong to move on to more useful research.

From these first experiments, the porcelain factories were born that we still know today: the French porcelain of Limonges and Sevres; the Italian ones of Capodimonte and Ginori, the Danish ones Royal Copenhagen, Bing & Grøndahl, and the very famous English porcelain.

After having seen this story briefly, you can understand how much porcelain handles are truly unique and original creations, capable of giving great value in the furnishing of a home.

Today porcelain handles are within everyone's reach

In Europe, porcelain was once rightly regarded as one of the finest productions of the oriental genius, and therefore sold at a considerable price. For centuries, Chinese bowls, bowls, plates and vases appeared alongside the gold and silver tableware only on royal tables and cupboards.

At the time, diners admired the porcelain productions also for the legends surrounding the composition of this material. Today the production is no longer a mystery, but porcelain has not lost its charm for this.

The white porcelain handle, so friendly and homely, is back in fashion. The search for style and craftsmanship are the elements that define the perfect porcelain for today's homes. Places where nothing can be left to chance and where owners and guests should be able to feel at the center of a unique and personalized style experience.

Buy your custom made porcelain handle

Within the product sheets you can select the finish you want for your new porcelain handles. In addition, the porcelain door handles can be made on a rosette or on a plate.

Porcelain door handles on rose
The porcelain handles on the rose have the rosettes and the escutcheons (which cover the key hole) separate and not joined as in the case of the versions on the plate. You can choose the type of drilling you want for the escutcheon, based on the type of lock it will cover.

Porcelain door handles on plate
In door handles on plate the distance (in mm) between the center of the hole, where the handle is inserted, and the key hole can vary. These differences usually depend from country to country.

When ordering the handles on the plate, we recommend that you measure the distance between the holes and write us what the measurement is (in mm), in order to avoid any type of error.

If we do not receive any communication, the handles on the plate will be made with a length between the standard holes (i.e. the Italian size normally made by the handle manufacturers).

Best porcelain interior door handles: prices and offers

With Windowo you can find the best models of porcelain handles for sale online at discounted prices. Search for the porcelain handle you prefer, enter the product sheet and immediately see the advantageous offer dedicated to you.

The handles with porcelain grip are sold per pair: the price already includes two handles . Choose the porcelain handle model you want and discover the offer immediately. For more information we remain at your complete disposal.



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