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Window Handles


Window handles for sale online on Windowo

Window handles are a fundamental detail in the home furnishing project. This is because they are an accessory capable of giving charm and character not only to the fixtures, but also to the entire room. The right window handle highlights the style of a building and complements it with its features.

Do not underestimate the importance of handles: the design of a window handle can be conceived by great architects or internationally renowned designers. It can really give value by embellishing the houses where these beautiful details are inserted.

Where to buy the best window handles?

Are you looking for a new handle for the windows of your home? In the Windowo online store we offer you a large selection of window handles at discounted prices. the window handles have been carefully divided into several sub-categories, in order to help you in your choice:
  • Dry Keep Window Handles: these are handles with dry-keep movement, i.e. tilt and turn, suitable for windows and French windows.
  • Hammer Window Handles: with different mounting architecture than the cremone bolt as they are equipped with a simple framework.
  • Cremone Bolt Window Handles: the mechanisms of the cremone bolt are particular and inserted inside the plate.

What is the difference between hammer and cremone handles?

The difference between window handles and window handles of the Cremonese type lies in the fact that the window handles do not have their own internal mechanism but only a framework that works with the movement of the window itself. On the other hand, the cremones have a mechanism under the plate that must be chosen by the customer when ordering. In reality there are also particular hammers with raised plate that can be equipped with a mechanism, but we do not exaggerate with the details otherwise we risk getting confused.

Each of these sub-categories is divided for different styles of furniture (classic, modern, steel, luxury, vintage, wrought iron and porcelain).

What are the best brands of window handle manufacturers?

We at Windowo have a very close relationship with the window handle manufacturers we deal with. They are profoundly different realities, but all driven by a great passion that pushes them to give their best in every model of handle they make. These accessories are details that can enhance any home.

Here are some of the window handle manufacturers that you can find online in the Windowo shop:
  • Becchetti Bal: discover the classic brass window handles.
  • Colombo Design: design handles, made by famous architects and design studios.
  • Frosio Bortolo: the handles of the Italian tradition, but with an eye to the future.
  • Galbusera: wrought iron window handles built with artisanal techniques.
  • Linea Calì: the brand of brass handles with a rich and elegant design.
  • Mandelli: continuous design research, quality of materials, sustainability.
  • pba: test the elegance and resistance of stainless steel on windows with your own hands.
  • PFS Pasini: for those looking for luxury, made from exclusive materials and finishes.
  • Valli & Valli: spectacular accessories, window handles signed by famous designers.
  • Fusital: handles by the best architects such as Zaha Hadid and Michele De Lucchi.

Details are really essential to furnish with style. How to get started? A good way is to discover the best models of window handles for sale online on Windowo.

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