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Pull Handles

Pull Handles for Doors and Gates

Pull Handles for Doors - Best Online Prices

Pull handles for doors and external gates: online sale at discounted prices. Many sizes, shapes and color finishes: discover a wide range on offer.

Pull handles for doors and gates: your shop is online

Are you looking for a pull handle? On Windowo you can find many models of pull handles for doors (with corresponding fixing pull handles systems) for sale online at discounted prices. Customize your new handle: discover the different sizes, shapes and finishes to choose from in the product sheets.

What is a pull handle for doors and gates?

A pull handle can be defined as a "drag handle" which normally has a U shape and which is mounted horizontally or vertically on doors and gates. The function of the handle is to allow the opening of doors and gates with a single push or by pulling them towards the user.

Discover different pull handles on sale at discounted prices

The pull handle is a fundamental element for all doors: a good handle highlights the style of the entrance and expresses its character. For this reason, the handles must be aesthetically very accurate, proposing themselves as real design objects that must be integrated into the context of the furniture.

On Windowo you can find many different types of handles on offer for sale online to choose from. To help you make your choice, we have divided our pull handle models by furnishing style. Enter the world of Windowo handles:
Buying a pull handle on Windowo is simple: just search for the model you prefer, enter the product sheet and add it to the cart. The prices we offer you are not those of the list but are discounted. This way you can have quality without sacrificing convenience.

The best brands of pull handles are on Windowo

For years we have been dealing with the best brands of handles in Italy on a daily basis. We have established a friendly relationship with those who manage these realities and the property is often owned by families who have been producing handles and pull handles for several generations.

We are unable to describe the capacity of these manufacturers in words: for them, handles and pull handles are not just a job. It is only thanks to this strong passion that functional devices become real design objects. It is not for nothing that Italian handles and pull handles are renowned all over the world.



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