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Window Certified Installation

Certified Installation of the Window

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What is the certified installation of the window frame?

Certified window installation is a window installation system which, if done in a workmanlike manner, guarantees the achievement of high energy performance. This translates into a profit on the bill and savings on any maintenance work that should be done over time.

What is the difference between traditional windows and doors and certified installation of windows?

posa certificata serramento

> Traditional window installation: the same for 40 years

  • Operation - The classic system is still widely used and is practically the same as it was 40 years ago . How does it work? The installer-frame installer installs a counter frame on the three sides of the window hole, then seals it to the wall using the mortar directly. The subframe is often still made of wood or sheet metal;
  • Criticality - To tie the knot between the frame and the subframe, foams and silicones are used, materials that do not last over time, with the risk of cracks and lack of insulation in the knot. It is easy to understand that the traditional system is not designed to guarantee insulation over time , and condensation is often created which then leads to mold. If you have a north window and the corners of the wall are black, you know what we're talking about.

> Certified window installation: with PosaClima

  • Operation - This innovative system has been studied in the laboratory to guarantee durability and insulation over time . The system requires the use of PosaClima certified techniques and products such as: thermal and structural counterframes, elastic and durable sealants for primary and secondary nodes. Find all these products in our online shop;
  • Regulations - The PosaClima certified installation system complies with the UNI 11673-1 standard of 2 March 2017.

Advantages of the PosaClima system

Now that you understand the difference between the classic and certified installation system, let's see all the main advantages together:
  • Energy saving : because the connection node between the window and the wall is done in a workmanlike manner;
  • Easy construction : because the products are specifically chosen to work together, and the techniques are designed to integrate together during the construction phase;
  • Duration over time : the PosaClima materials are of the highest quality and the downtime is guaranteed;
  • Insulating counterframes: PosaClima is built with thermal and structural counterframes that guarantee the insulation between the frame and the counterframe;
  • Low cost : to allow any installer-window maker to carry out the certified installation on any construction site, especially in the residential area, for houses, apartments, condominiums;
  • Studied in the laboratory : the performances are measured and analyzed in the laboratory, so that the certified installation can be the best ever.

Can I use the certified installation also for renovations?

Absolutely yes. We recommend using the PosaClima system for:
  • New homes - certainly the easiest way. We start from scratch, with the aim of minimum waste and maximum energetic result;
  • House renovations : when new window holes are planned, so it is possible to install the new windows in compliance with the certified installation system PosaClima.

What is the certified window installation system made of?

It is mainly made up of 3 elements:
  1. Thermal subframe : without thermal bridge
  2. Primary node : between wall and counterframe
  3. Secondary node : between window and subframe

1. Thermal and structural counterframe

The subframe must be thermal and structural . This is the main requirement for the certified correct installation of the window. “Thermal counterframe” means that the counterframe must not have thermal bridges around the frame, which would lead to the passage of air and steam, condensation and mold.
In our online store you can find different types of thermal counterframe for certified window installation. Go to subframes without thermal bridges .

2. Primary node between wall and counterframe

The subframe is NOT everything. To ensure the thermal-acoustic insulation between the wall and the counterframe , there are instead special elastic barriers that can be adapted to the wall. They are products that comply with the UNI 11673-1 standard.

On Windowo you can find different models of PosaClima insulation barriers for sale. Go to the insulation barriers for doors and windows .

3. Primary node between windows and counterframe

Finally, to insulate the joint between the windows and the thermal subframe , there are special PosaClima systems. The main one, which you can buy in our online store, is called PosaClima Premium Plus, compliant with the UNI 11673-1 standard. Even now, some installers use traditional foam and silicone between the window and the subframe. The PosaClima system guarantees complete isolation. Go to PosaClima systems for secondary node .

What are the brands of PosaClima products?

PosaClima is not a real company. It is an independent certification, it is a design system that chooses the best products available on the market. Being independent, PosaClima chooses ONLY the best products available and can replace them over time , precisely because it is not bound to any company. This contributes to maintaining very high levels of performance, and healthy competition for the achievement of ever better goals. Furthermore, all materials are laboratory tested.



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