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Electronic Cylinders

Electronic Cylinders and Smart Opening

Electronic cylinders and products for smart opening

In this category you can find different models of electronic cylinders: from today you no longer need keys! Find out how to remotely open your home or office door using only your smartphone. Buy your new electronic cylinder with latest generation technology now in the Windowo shop.

Electronic cylinders and devices for opening with smartphones

Buy the best electronic cylinders and many devices for opening via smartphone online on Windowo. We offer you smart solutions for sale online, capable of solving every remote opening and access control need.

Are you looking for a modern solution to protect your home or office? With our electronic cylinders, traditional keys become a thing of the past. Thanks to innovative technology, you can now open doors intelligently and safely using your smartphone. We are proud to present a wide range of cutting-edge electronic cylinders in our Windowo store.

How to open the door remotely with your smartphone

From today you no longer need the keys. Open, control and manage accesses. All you need is a smartphone.

And the keys? You don't need them anymore, all you need is an app. The door opening process with smartphone is highly secure and authorized only by you.

Libra Argo Iseo electronic cylinder for remote smart opening

Thanks to the Libra Iseo Argo electronic cylinder you can open your home door in a smart way.

Bluetooth technology allows the use of any smartphone as a remote door opening control up to a distance of 10 metres. An ideal solution for managing access to hotels, B&Bs, offices or shops.

Are you looking for a real-time access control solution? With the new Libra LE60 Iseo modular electronic cylinder you can open gates remotely for every type and thickness of door.

Why choose our electronic cylinders?

  • Advanced Security: our electronic cylinders offer superior protection compared to traditional keys. Advanced encryption technology ensures that only authorized people can access;
  • Remote control: did you forget to close the door or do you want to give access to a family member or employee? With a simple tap on your smartphone, you can do it from anywhere in the world;
  • Ease of use: no more lost or broken keys. All you need is an application on your smartphone to have total control over your doors;
  • Large Selection: we offer a wide range of e-cylinder models suitable for different needs and styles. You will surely find the perfect one for you!

How does door opening with a smartphone work?

  • Choose your electronic cylinder: browse our selection and select the model that best suits your needs;
  • Easy Installation: professional installers can easily integrate the electronic cylinder into your existing door;
  • Configure the app: download the dedicated application on your smartphone and connect the electronic cylinder;
  • Security and convenience: now you are ready to make the most of the security and convenience offered by your new electronic lock.

Take away the hassle of lost keys and embrace modernity with our electronic cylinders. Open the door to the future of secure, intelligent access with your smartphone. Don't wait, visit our Windowo store and discover the smartest way to protect your home or office.

10 frequently asked questions about the electronic cylinder

Here are 10 frequently asked questions about electronic cylinder technology and smartphone opening, along with the related answers:

What is an electronic cylinder?
An electronic cylinder is an advanced lock that uses electronic technology for opening and closing. Eliminates the need for traditional keys.

How does an electronic European cylinder work?
An electronic European cylinder uses an advanced encryption system to communicate with an application on your smartphone. You can open the lock via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

Is it safe to use an electronic security door cylinder?
Yes, safety is a priority. E-cylinders offer strong encryption and can be configured with specific permissions for users.

What to do if I lose my smartphone?
You can immediately deactivate access from your smartphone via the application or contact technical support for assistance.

Can I give access to more people?
Yes, many electronic cylinders allow you to grant access to family, friends or employees in a controlled manner.

What are the advantages compared to traditional keys?
Smartphone access offers convenience, remote control, access tracking and the ability to revoke access at any time.

Are there any special requirements for installation?
Installing an e-cylinder generally requires a professional. Make sure your port is compatible with the model you choose.

How long does the battery of an electronic cylinder last?
E-cylinder battery life varies depending on the model and use, but usually ranges from a few months to several years. You will receive notifications when it needs to be replaced.

Can I use an electronic cylinder with my existing security system?
Many electronic cylinders can be integrated with existing security systems, but check with the manufacturer for compatibility.

What should I do if a technical problem occurs?
If you have any technical problems with your electric security door cylinder, please contact the manufacturer's technical support or contact the professional installer for assistance.

Electronic Cylinders and Smart Opening



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