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Safe prices and offers: the most convenient online store

Windowo offers a wide range of home and office safes for sale online at advantageous prices. Safes for sale: find many professional models available in a wide variety of sizes. Thanks to our selection you will be able to find the perfect security safe for your needs.

Safes for sale: buy in the Windowo online shop

Do you want to protect something? Discover Windowo's online safes sale: browse through a wide selection of safety safes models. The safe is a valid protection against the growing risks of theft. It is also essential to prevent free access to weapons, dangerous medicines and objects not to be left unattended.

Would you like to proceed with the purchase of a new floor, mobile or wall safe? For several years Windowo has been the online reference point for services aimed at protecting what is most dear to you. This is why we sell online only the best safety safes made by the most authoritative brands on the market.

Windowo offers a type of safe sale carefully selected by our team of experts.

All the models of online safes present in our e-commerce must meet specific requirements:
  • maximum security;
  • ease of assembly;
  • best value for money;
  • certifications.

What is the price of the best safes for sale online?

To keep the most important assets, we at Windowo offer you a complete range of safes for sale online, so you can surely find the ideal safe for your every need.

They are products carefully selected by our team of professionals to guarantee maximum reliability in defending what matters at home or in the company.

What is the price of a security safe for sale online? This question about safe prices is often asked of us. It depends on the model but above all on the function of the safe itself. For example a wall safe usually has a higher price than a floor safe.

Other variants that affect the cost are: the measurements of the dimensions, the locking system (key, mechanical or electronic combination), the type of quality certification and the presence or absence of options (such as drawers, gun holders or left-hand of rotators for watches).

Safe locking systems: advantages and disadvantages

We can divide the safe locking systems into five groups:
  • with key;
  • with key together with the mechanical combination;
  • mechanical combination only;
  • electronic combination;
  • fingerprint recognition.

These locking systems have advantages and disadvantages.

For example, in an opening system based on a simple key alone, it implies the risk of losing the key. The lock with key, added to the mechanical combination, provides for the release of both locking systems.

The obligation to open the safe by also adding a mechanical combination increases the defenses against a potential attacker. Furthermore, it will be easier to leave the key hidden in the rooms adjacent to the safe, as having only the key it will still be impossible to unlock the lock without knowing the code of the mechanical combination.

The mechanical -only lock is very reliable and does not involve the need to keep keys. Maintenance is minimal but the defect of this type lies in the difficulty of use, as it requires good precision.

Safes with electronic combination are very popular today. This is because they are easy to use and the only need to memorize a numeric code. The main disadvantage lies in the fact that, in the event of a malfunction, it may be necessary to contact a specialized technician for unlocking.

Safes e-commerce: see prices and best offers

With the Windowo shop, discovering the price of an online safe is very simple: just enter the product sheet, select the variants to customize your safe. At this point our configurator will immediately show you our best dedicated offer.

As you can see they are all discounted and extremely affordable safe prices.

Buy safe online easy and safe with Windowo

On our site you can choose the online safe for sale based on the price or the characteristics of the product you want. Enter the required requirements in the appropriate spaces above the images and the system will filter the products based on your search. If, on the other hand, you do not have clear ideas to help you in your choice, we have divided the different safes into various sub-categories.

We recommend that you first choose which type of online safe is suitable for the protection needs you are looking for. This decision determines the location and capacity, two important variants when defending valuables.

In the online safes sale we distinguish between different categories:



Italian safe brands: which are the best?

For us at the Windowo shop, selling safes is not something to be taken lightly. The purchase of the safe is based on trust and reliability because at stake is the defense of valuables or important documents.

We have spent a lot of time selecting the best brands of safes to offer you in our e-commerce.

On Windowo you will find online branded safes for sale:
  • Bordogna: safe purchase recommended for elegance and high-level certifications;
  • Cisa: sale of safes and other security solutions for the brand that made history in Italy;
  • Juwel: brand of Italian safes synonymous with prestige, quality and professionalism.

Final advice on buying a safe online

When you buy safes online we suggest you pay attention above all to two things:
  1. Which type of safe to choose (wall, floor, mobile or armored cabinet);
  2. Deciding to focus on a good brand of safes, possibly an Italian manufacturer (not only for the high quality but also for the possibility of easily finding spare parts in case of need).

The safe models that you find for sale online in the Windowo store are selected based on these two simple but reliable criteria.

If you still have doubts, we recommend that you read the guide on which safe to choose that you find on the Windowo blog.

Safes sale: buy in the Windowo shop



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