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Outdoor Awnings Prices Online

Outdoor awnings - The best Tempotest models at low prices

Outdoor awnings for sale online at special prices. Buy your new custom-made Tempotest tent on Windowo. Arm, drop and canopy models.

Customized awnings for sale online prices on offer

For several years now, awnings for balconies have been seen as a real piece of furniture and design as well as a darkening system. Replacing or installing custom-made awnings according to your needs allows you to make any environment functional whether it is light regulation, protection from rain and wind or simply to beautify an environment.

If you are looking for a solution to protect your home or office from the sun's rays, we recommend a Tempotest Parà custom-made awning.

We offer you a 100% Italian-made outdoor awning with quality materials, high energy saving and strong darkening (and waterproof) power. And these are just some of the reasons for choosing these reliable outdoor blinds.

What are awnings used for?

The main purpose is to create cool and pleasant shadows. This allows you to make the most of the outdoor space of the house even in the hottest summers: terraces, balconies and gardens thus become places where you can relax.

In addition to sheltering from the hottest rays, they can also be a decorative element of the facade of a building.

Awnings perform several functions:
  • they shelter a window frequently exposed to the sun;
  • they protect the privacy of the house from prying eyes;
  • they embellish the facade of a building;
  • create a usable environment outside a house, even in summer;
  • limit electricity consumption, allowing you to save on air conditioners and fans.

Where are the awnings installed?

The external elements where an awning can find the right place are:
  • balconies;
  • terraces;
  • flat roofs;
  • gardens;
  • facades with windows or glazing.

Obviously, for the conditions for the installation of an awning to exist, the area to be covered with the awning must be frequently exposed to the sun, particularly in summer.

How are awnings made?

An awning consists of several elements, which are:
  • fabric or sheet: it is the main part, the one that actually provides the shelter
  • load-bearing structure or frame, on which the cloth rests
  • box, an optional element, which serves as a protection for the awning when it is rolled up and therefore exposed to bad weather such as rain, snow or hail
  • sheet metal cover, alternative to the box, to protect the closed awning.

How to choose awnings for balconies?

Here on Windowo you can find your made- to-measure Italian awning , for sale online for balconies, terraces, gardens and shops. The outdoor awning can be assembled with a simple do-it-yourself intervention with manual or motorized control.

The different online awnings are sold in a wide range of colors, fabrics and patterns to choose from in the following models:
  • drop awnings : they descend vertically flush with the facade, guaranteeing both front and side protection;
  • arm awnings : they are often mounted on balconies and cantilever the fabric through the extension of two arms;
  • canopy awnings : characterized by a typically rounded frame, the fabric is mounted on the frame itself with a seam.

The fabrics used to make an online Tempotest awning are designed to withstand the action of the sun and various atmospheric agents. Thanks to their simple and elegant lines, these outdoor blinds are perfectly suited to any type of home or business.

How to choose the size of the awnings?

The awnings are made to measure.

To decide the size, the size of the window and the outdoor space to be covered must be evaluated: in this way the type of curtain to be installed is also chosen. Finally, the solar exposure of the building must be evaluated, in order to also understand which is the most suitable fabric. Based on these characteristics, the inclination and shapes can also be changed.

Awnings discounted prices in the Windowo shop

Make a free quote in the Windowo shop and find out the online prices of outdoor blinds .

You can customize your outdoor awning according to your specific needs. Each outdoor awning is made to measure in Italy and shipped already assembled. Windowo custom-made awnings: high quality at the best online price.

Outdoor Awnings Prices Online



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