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Stainless Steel Hoods

Stainless Steel Hoods - Aspirators at the Best Selling Prices

Extractor hoods in stainless steel for restaurants and kitchens

Stainless steel hoods have become an essential element for most modern kitchens. These devices not only improve the aesthetics of the kitchen, but also help keep the air clean and fresh.

By stainless steel hood we mean equipment of suitable shape and size, complete with filter battery and on-board or remote fan, suitable for capturing and expelling the fumes produced by a hob.

The stainless steel hoods are available for sale online on Windowo at affordable prices. In this way you can buy catering equipment without having to spend too much.

Stainless steel hoods: which one to choose?

In relation to the type of hob, exhaust ducts, space, and in general of the whole context of the kitchen environment, it is very important to choose the most suitable type of restaurant hood and stainless steel kitchen.

Stainless steel hoods come in many shapes and sizes , making them suitable for any type of kitchen.

For example, there are island hoods, wall hoods, corner hoods, built-in hoods and many others. These products are also available in a range of sizes, making them suitable for any size kitchen.

Stainless steel is a durable and rust resistant material which means that stainless steel cooker hoods last a long time and retain their beauty for many years. This material is also easy to clean and maintain, meaning you can keep your cooker hood clean and stain-free effortlessly.

Here are the most important elements to consider when buying a professional extractor hood:
  • Dimensions matter : it is good practice to choose (as indicated by the AUSL directives) the dimensions of the hood in relation to the hob, considering a minimum overhang of 20 cm on each side;
  • Heavy cooking : you need to choose the right appliance and the most effective type of filtration taking into account the amount of smoke produced by the hob;
  • Length of the ducts : within 4-6 meters of piping it is possible to use a self-suction hood, i.e. with an on-board motor (beyond it is not recommended);
  • Bad smells : in particular areas, such as historic centers and urban areas, the expulsion of fumes with bad smells is prohibited; the solution to avoid fines is to rely on filtering using activated carbon, present in our special filters or in the control units with odor abatement.

Types of stainless steel hoods

Stainless steel hoods are designed to draw air from the kitchen and filter it, thus eliminating odors and fumes.

Some of these devices are equipped with activated carbon filters that help remove odors from the air. These hood filters can be replaced easily, which means you can keep your hood in good condition for many years.

Furthermore, stainless steel hoods are also available with many advanced features, such as speed regulation, LED hood lamps and remote control. Such functions make the hoods even more convenient and functional.

Stainless Steel Hoods


Shop of stainless steel hoods for professional aspiration

As we have seen, stainless steel hoods are ideal for most modern kitchens.

These devices come in many shapes and sizes, are durable and easy to clean, and come with many advanced features.

On Windowo, stainless steel hoods are available for sale online at affordable prices, which means that you can buy them from the comfort of your own home.

The direct purchase of stainless steel hoods online on Windowo offers the possibility to compare different options and prices, in order to be able to choose the product that best suits your needs.

In conclusion, stainless steel hoods are an essential addition to any modern kitchen and online shopping is a convenient and accessible way to get the desired product.

With their durability, easy maintenance and many advanced features, stainless steel hoods are an excellent choice for improving the functionality and aesthetics of the kitchen.



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