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Grimpo Anti-Theft Bollards

Grimpo anti-theft bollards for pipes and balconies for sale online

Grimpo is the Italian specialist in the construction of anti-theft bollards, with and without spikes. Buy your new downpipe bollards online at Windowo and defend pipes, balconies, window sills, windows and walls.

Grimpo bollards and anti-theft collars, the obstacle along the climb

Grimpo offers a complete line of anti-theft bollards, with or without spikes, for the protection of homes. The wide range of Grimpo products includes specific models for securing pipes, balconies, window sills, windows, perimeter walls and much more.

Grimpo bollards and anti-theft collars the obstacle along the climb

Grimpo Anti-Theft Bollards for Pipes Balconies Windows Sills Walls price promotion

Stop thieves at home from downspouts and pipes

Grimpo products have a quick and easy installation, for example the Modular Anti Intrusion Grimpo Barrier. These effective anti-intrusion devices prevent thieves from exploiting certain points to make unexpected "unpleasant visits". When the attacker find this obstacle along the climb, he is unable to reach his goal.

Stop thieves at home from downspouts and pipes Grimpo Windowo

Stop fear thefts at home! Grimpo will make you feel safe.



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