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Chain Actuator C30 230V 50Hz Topp 1 Push Point Black Grey or White

Brands: Topp
Code: C30 230V
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Chain Actuator C30 230V 50Hz Topp 1 Push Point Black Grey or White

Electric actuator Topp, model C30 with double link articulated chain, contained in a suitable casing, complete with support and fitting accessories for top and bottom hung windows

Operation at 230V 50Hz.
Maximum applicable load 300N.
Rapid hooking system for the adjustment to the frame.
Stroke adjustable at 200 or 380 mm by an external selector.
Electronics with acoustic device that warns of any incorrect installations.
CE marked device.

Technical characteristics:
  • Power supply voltage: 230V 50Hz;
  • Max recommended load in thrust: 300N;
  • Max recommended load in traction: 300N;
  • Strokes: 200 and 380mm;
  • Absorbed current: 0,26A;
  • Idle translation speed: 27mm/s;
  • Duration of the idle stroke: 14s;
  • Double electrical insulation: yes;
  • Service type: S2 of 4min;
  • Operating temperature: - 5 / + 50 °C;
  • Protection degree of electric devices: IP30;
  • Adjustment of the window frame connection: 15mm;
  • Adjustment of pins for the swivel brackets: 15mm;
  • Parallel connection of two or more C30: yes;
  • Chain position control: yes;
  • Stroke end: encoder;
  • Electronics with acoustic device to warn the user of wrong installation (buzzer): yes;
  • Dimensions: 337,2x80x49mm;
  • Weight: 1,1kg.

Applications: bottom and top hung windows, domes, skylights.

Applications Topp

What is included? Chain actuator (spare parts included), swivel frontal brackets set for top/bottom hung windows, upper bracket for bottom hung windows, ARS rapid hooking device to the frame.

Why choose C30 Topp?
  1. Double link chain with very high resistance on top loads;
  2. Fast hooking and unhooking system to the window (international patent).
  3. Simple swiwel bracket for fast installations to windows at any type and size.
  4. Telescopic chain terminal with fast adjustment (from 0 to 15mm) also with totally retracted chain, for application on windows with overhung element (international patent).
  5. Swiwel bracket with additional adjusting system of 15mm for application on windows with overhung element.

C30 Topp

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