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Rigid bar Containment Profile for Flexoterm Panel 20mm PosaClima Renova

PosaClima Renova
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Bar Containment Rigid Profile for Flexoterm Panel 10mm PosaClima Renova

Length: 1 meter or 2 meters (your choice).

rigid PVC profile with soft flap of specially shaped seal to accommodate the Flexoterm panel.
This bar is applied on the wall and on the bottom of the box to hold the insulation panels.

Available in 2 versions: there is also a narrower version of the line for panels Flexoterm 10 mm, this sale on Windowo.

Fields of application
The retaining bar must be fixed to the box or wall to make Renova system a system with an excellent tightness (-88% air passage). In the case of bin with front inspection the following guidelines:

- For the bottom bar, cut to size with special scissors (or a common saw) and place it on the bottom taking care not to obstruct the locking system of concealed: if you omit this precaution will find yourself in trouble when it is time to replace the celino. Also check that there is no interference between the bar and the winding belt. The bottom bar is fixed on the bottom of the box with 3 screws 4 x 16 mm and glued They MS Polymer.

- The upper bar must be secured on the box wall which from the inside out, using two screws 4 x 25 mm in the lowered position of about 2 cm with respect to the upper beam. In this way a space is created that fill immediately after fixing using the polyurethane foam They Elastoschaum. To extrude the foam properly fixed on the nozzle of the gun an extension straw and remember to wet before and after: the water improves the adhesion and facilitates the hardening of the foam. The foam will play both the role of adhesive to fasten the bar to the wall is to sealant preventing the passage of air between the wall and the bar.

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