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DIY Draft Excluder for Door Comaglio 1750 Comax Series Various Sizes and Colours

Brands: Comaglio
Code: 1750
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Comaglio draft excluders are made to order.

Delivery time: about one week from order date.

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Do it Yourself Draft Excluder for Doors Comaglio 1750 Comax Series Various Sizes and Colours
Automatic draft excluder - Fixing with screws

Article: 1750.
Dimensions: 53-63-83-103-123-133 cm.
Can be shortened by: 10 cm.
Doors: steel, aluminium, armoured, wood, PVC.
Comax Series for DO IT YOURSELF with twin adjustment mechanism (DR).
AVAILABLE COLOURS: anodized bronze, silver and black; painted oyster white RAL 1013, pure white RAL 9010, chocolate brown RAL 8017.

The draft excluder Comaglio is a patented automatic system that, when the door is closed, it automatically blocks the possibility that cold, dust and noise, can invade your environment.

Do it Yourself Draft Excluder for Doors Comaglio 1750 Comax Series Various Sizes and Colours

Do it Yourself Draft Excluder for Doors Comaglio 1750 Comax

Comax Series
The Comax series is Comaglio’s proposal for "DO IT YOURSELF". The Comax items perfectly combine the functionality of the Comaglio patented mechanisms and the aesthetic appeal.

Standard accessories:

Standard equipment:
  • EPDM balloon gasket;
  • Fixing with screws;
  • Round plastic push head.

Optional equipment are available separately on request (contact us for a custom quote).

Comaglio: under your door will not pass anything
Along the 30 years of its history Comaglio has always kept unchanged the features that distinguished their draft excluders: product quality attention to detail, attention to customer satisfaction, prompt response to the needs of a constantly expanding market.
D. Buongiorno, vorrei installare comax 1750su una porta tagliafuoco che va dall'abitazione al garage eventualmente fissandolo con silicone dedicato anzichè con viti per non alterare la certificazione rei. La luce è di 72 cm, che a porta chiusa è lo spazio disponibile da spalla a spalla. Quale misura mi consigliate di ordinare? Grazie Fabrizio
R. Buonasera, si, è possibile utilizzare il silicone per fissare l'articolo 1750. Come misura consigliamo 73 cm. Per qualsiasi ulteriore informazione restiamo a sua disposizione. Cordiali saluti Windowo
D. Buongiorno è possible accorciare il Paraspiffero 1750 Comaglio la porta di casa è di 89cm? Grazie
R. Buongiorno Christopher certo, è possibile accorciare il paraspiffero fino a 10cm. Cordiali saluti Windowo
1750 Comaglio Comax

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