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Flyscreen Bettio Rosy Click-Clak with Ear Guide Vertical Spring

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Bettio Rosy Flyscreen Spring rubbed Click-Clak and headphones and telescopic slide - Vertical Spring

Rosy is a mosquito net with fiberglass, standard clutch and handling spring with the 'unique click-clack of coupling and uncoupling, the international patent Bettio that lets you open and close the mosquito net with a simple hand gesture. It 'an extremely comprehensive and well cared for by the aesthetic point of view, thanks to the presence of guides and telescopic slide.

Safety clutch
The safety clutch allows the mosquito to rewind gradually avoiding dangerous impacts of the loss of control of the mesh bar.

Headphones telescopic
High performance technical / aesthetic of the product thanks to the horizontal movement of cu ffie, obviating the frequent problems of out of square compartments installation, and then get a perfect finish.

The telescopic
Thanks to this double guide, the adjustment and the installation of the mosquito net are both perfect, both from a technical and aesthetic point of view, also in presence of strong irregularities of the masonry.

The system of coupling-release Clic-Clak
This patented technology, making it extremely comfortable and natural the release of the mosquito net.
It is not necessary to rotate the handle bar with both hands, as in the other vertical systems to traditional spring, simply push it down even with just one hand!

Rosy Bettio mosquito Vertical Spring

Technical features:
  • Model: Rosy;
  • Overall dimensions: 55mm;
  • Settings: cu ffie telescopic (0/8 mm per side), telescopic guides (0/14 mm per side);
  • Recommended application: window;
  • Finish network: ribbon with buttons windproof;
  • Aluminum color: choose between silver (painted silver), Bronze (bronze painted), Black (opaque electro ELOX 2000), White (glossy white RAL 9010), Ivory (ivory polished Ral 1013), Green (green matt Ral 6005), brown (brown matt Ral 8017), Cherry and Walnut. Estimates are made on request for other colors.

For basic measures of less than 800 mm, the maximum height achieved must be verified subsequently (in case of problems in the implementation, you will be contacted by our customer service).

The importance of the mosquito net
Why install mosquito nets in the environments in which we live? To protect yourself from mosquitoes, what else? In fact, the response seems very low cost. But to linger a bit 'on the application you can also find plenty of other good reasons as to why protect the environments in which we live with mosquito nets.
For example, thanks to mosquito nets, while pesky mosquitoes if they are left out, we can keep the windows wide open to regenerate the air inside our house: a good air circulation ensures well-being, a good sleep, a high degree of concentration and yield. Do you think that the air inside your home or office can be up to 5 times more polluted than the air outdoors.
We spend 90% of our time indoors, at home, at school or at work, breathe about 22,000 times every 24 hours.
Let's not forget the importance of light: the sun is light and light is a "super nutrient." The sun acts as a natural antidepressant: what could be better for our mood that open the windows and let the light (and only you) enter into our homes?
Moreover, thanks to mosquito nets remain outside our house also flies, bugs, spiders, and certainly many other insects that, without sting, there surely rejoice.
And yet: the mosquito net can save power by limiting the use of facilities for the treatment of air, such as air conditioners.
An advantage for the environment and for human health, but consequently also an economic advantage.

Sustainability: the mosquito nets Bettio are 90% recyclable
Bettio Mosquito At a time when talk of "green economy" seems to have become almost a fad, Bettio carefully evaluates the environmental impact of its products.
This vision drives the company to design, produce and offer products created with high quality materials, durable and which, for their end use, require very minimal maintenance.
Corporate ethics fall also the continuing effort to create a safe working environment and a willingness to comply with the standards. In this sense, then a material such as aluminum, 100% recyclable, fits perfectly with the philosophy of "green" of the company, as well as the recycling of the almost totality of production waste.
Finally, the entire production process is highly automated and takes place aiming to energy saving.

Why choose Bettio? Beautiful, robust and quality!
Thanks to the meeting between care planning, excellent materials and strict production processes, mosquito nets Bettio are reliable and durable products, which will accompany you for many summers!

Security Guarantee: All products have Bettio certification CE marked.

Warranty and testing every product is equipped with an identification label which shows all the features and the CE.

Packaging and shipping: Each screen can be protected by a casing of shrink film. For shipments with carriers, the product is also included in sturdy cardboard boxes.

Patented systems: some of the many international patents Bettio are definitely the flagship of the company.

Easy installation: the mosquito nets Bettio are also designed to be easy to install, easily adjustable and adaptable to many different types of rooms, also irregular. All operations
assembly are also guided by the relevant installation manuals combined with each mosquito net.

Rosy Bettio mosquito characteristics
Rosy Bettio Installazione Zanzariera

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