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Pre-chamber aluminum seal Central R50TTbc / 2000 R72TT, RT7050 100m Alutec

Brands: Alutec
Code: AG1141203
$ 94,50 $ 129,45
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Pre-chamber seal Central Door Aluminum Alutec

For Aluminum Profiles series: R50TTbc / 2000 R72TT and RT7050.

Material: EPDM (Dutral).
Coil 100 Meters.
Color = Material.

The EPDM rubber (identi fi ed sometimes with the trade name of Dutral) is a synthetic rubber that produces compounds suitable for the production of manufactured articles by extrusion or molding.
The gaskets Complastex EPDM vulcanized continuously are made with compounds formulated to enhance the characteristics of this synthetic rubber which, with particular regard to the use as seals for windows and doors, are:
- Excellent resistance to sunlight and to 'aging.
- Operating temperature from -30 to 130 ° C.
- Low permanent deformation in tension and compression (compression set).
- High dimensional stability which minimizes the inconvenience of withdrawal.

The EPDM seals Complastex can be used outside of the frames without the verification of those decay characteristics, hardening or withdrawal and reduces performance of the frame.
The raw materials that make up these EPDM seals are born from a careful selection and control, and based on the speci fi c performance requirements, based on tests conducted in reference to national and international standards (UNI, ISO, ASTM, DIN, .. .).

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