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OndaInox - Steel Hoods and Catering Equipment

OndaInox Stainless Steel Hoods and Catering Equipment

OndaInox - Discover the best stainless steel hoods, catering equipment, professional suction, ducts and hoses. Buy OndaInox kitchen hoods at the best prices on Windowo.

OndaInox: steel hoods and professional catering equipment

OndaInox Stainless Steel Hoods is synonymous with technical supplies in stainless steel for professional operators who want the best in their kitchen. The goal of the OndaInox brand is to help those who love to cook get tools made of hard steel at competitive prices.

Start browsing among hundreds of products, let yourself be conquered by the professionalism of OndaInox stainless steel hoods.

OndaInox: steel hoods and professional catering equipment

The strongest steel goes through the hottest fire

With Windowo you can buy selected and quality OndaInox equipment quickly and easily:
  • Stainless steel hoods : the selection of neutral, self-suction or activated carbon hoods;
  • External aspirators: aspirators for neutral hoods, deodorization units;
  • Professional catering equipment : tools and appliances useful for cooking
  • Gastronomy : ovens, worktops and accessories for pizzerias, pastry shops, rotisseries, fast-food restaurants;
  • Channels and pipes : pipes, channels, fittings and accessories for kitchen or boiler extraction systems;
  • Stainless steel furnishings : tables, cabinets, trolleys and wall units, all in stainless steel.

Sale of stainless steel catering equipment

OndaInox is made up of professionals who are experts in the sector , who, during their individual careers, have had the opportunity to work and establish relationships with many Italian manufacturing companies.

By putting together their skills and knowledge in the field, today able to manage a dense network of products, selecting among the various companies the most efficient and convenient elements for the consumer, thus guaranteeing a vast choice and at the same time an excellent level of quality at the best market price.

Online store of stainless steel hoods

Thanks to close relationships with the producers of the Italian territory, OndaInox has developed targeted offers that can be adapted to the customer's needs.

In particular, Ondainox offers the possibility of configuring and customizing products related to the world of suction, a usually complex market field in which elements such as the correct sizing or the choice of accessories can make the difference.

hoods in ondainox stainless steel

Steel Equipment for the Italian Catering

We Italians love our tradition, the art of good food. Every good chef knows that to prepare quality food and recipes, a kitchen built according to criteria and raw materials of equal quality is necessary.

This is why OndaInox offers a careful selection of items needed in a professional kitchen, paying particular attention to the choice of quality materials and Italian production and manufacturing.

You will find only CE certified equipment, built according to European safety standards, made of selected materials.



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