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Vertical Security Solenoid Bolt for Single Door Open 25600 Prima Series Opera

Brands: Opera
Code: 25600
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Vertical Security Solenoid Bolt for Single Door Open Without Power 25600 Prima Series Opera

Vertical security solenoid bolt for single door open without power.

Fail unlocked deadbolt open without power disponible variants:
- Without handle frame
- With handle frame (mm) 8

Backsets available:
- 25 mm
- 30 mm
- 35 mm

Mechanical opening with European type cylinder.
(cylinder with internal knob not usable).
Striking plate in stainless steel (mm) 320 x 25 x 3.
Armature plate in stainless steel (mm) 150 x 25 x 3 with alignment magnet.
Revolving bolt in anti-cutting hardened steel with mechanical block in closed position.
Deadbolt dimension (mm): extension 20 (25 in the XL version), diameter 16.
Lock body dimensions on page 134.
Operating voltage: From 10 to 30 Vdc.
Absorbed current: 2.5/3 A peak - 130/230 mA for maintenance with electronic control.
Internal microprocessor control electronics.
Rapid plug-in connector.
Ready for interlocking connection of 2 or more doors.
N.O. Opening control.
Deadbolt position contact C. / N.O. / N.C.
Opto-electronic bolt position control.
Magnetic door position sensor.
Push buttons for monitoring and adjustment of relocking times from 0-5 seconds upon approach of the door and from 0-60 seconds if the door is not opened.
The timings can be disabled for use of the solenoid bolt with external control electronics.
Vertical mounting (horizontal on demand).

Solenoid bolt, armature plate, cylinder screw and connector.



Example single door with solenoid lock
Solenoid lock to be mounted on emergency exits.
To be mounted on the frame or on the shutter.
Single door operating system (condominiums, offices, companies.).
Interlocked doors operating system (banks, jewelries, corporations).
To be matched with intercom and access control systems.

Example single door with solenoid lock

Prima Series Opera
Security solenoid locks.
Anti cutting and anti breaking and entering revolving bolt.
Manual activation with European cylinder and handle.
For an intensive and continous use.
Ideal for steel or aluminium doors.
Single or interlocked configuration.

Prima Series Opera

Opera Operating Access
Opera is an independent company. The production premises are based in Modena - Italy, town with an old tradition in lock manufacturing. The company was set up in 1997 and it is specialised in the manufacturing of electronic locks and doors accessories. From a company that manufactured products, Opera has evolved into a company that offers solutions aimed at improving the security and safety of individuals and their belongings. Today with more than 20 people and advanced production means, Opera is at the top of the European ranking of locks manufacturers.

opera operating access

Made in Italy
We believe in the quality of Italian companies and of our suppliers who are 90% from within Italy. Our high quality products are produced respecting environment and all relevant European standards. We are proud to work and to live in Modena, little city in the North of Italy that is an UNESCO heritage italian site since 1997.

made in italy

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