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Smoke&Wood - Woods for Smoking from Trentino

Smoke&Wood: smoking woods from the green forests of Trentino

Smoke&Wood: smoking woods from Trentino, for smokers and BBQs. Among our authentic woods for smoking and BBQ chips you will find oak barriques, beech, hornbeam, hazel, cherry and oak. We sell gourmet woods and meat smoking chips at the best prices online at Windowo.

Smoke&Wood - Woods for Smoking from Trentino

Discover the fantastic Smoke&Wood woods for smoking, famous for being made in the green forests of Trentino Alto Adige (guaranteed and certified). These woods are suitable for all types of smokers and barbecues for a tasty cooking experience.

The smoking process is an ancient cooking and preservation technique. For hundreds of years, smoking has been used to preserve the shelf life of many foods, especially meat and fish. Culinary desires have also changed over time...

Fortunately today we are rediscovering these "lost" tastes. Grilling and smoking foods with "gourmet" woods is once again popular. A refined but unstoppable passion: the flavor of the food is strongly enhanced thanks to the aromas of the various plants.

Smoke&Wood Legni del Trentino per Affumicatura e Barbecue Chips

The fabulous aroma of Trentino smoking woods

Let yourself be transported into a world of flavours . Each essence has been selected by Smoke&Wood master smokers to be the ideal companion in the smoking of a specific type of food.

For example, the aroma of ash , with its soft sensations accompanied by sweet notes, is ideal for beef or pork.

Beech wood has similar properties and goes well with the smoking of meat (but also with sea fish). The wild cherry has decidedly fruity notes, appreciable above all for the smoking of fish.

If you are a lover of delicate tastes you cannot miss the refined flavor of hazel wood smoking.

For more decisive tastes, such as in the case of game smoking, we absolutely recommend trying the "taste" of oak .

Do not forget the wood of the oak barrique which, as the name suggests, has a decisive trait suitable for all red meats (accompanied by full-bodied and barricaded wines).

legni trentini per affumicature Smoke&Wood aroma barbecue chips prezzo vendita online

Smoke&Wood smoking by masters

The characteristics of the Smoke&Wood smoking chips are also established with particular attention.

For Smoke&Wood master smokers it is essential that the size is not extremely homogeneous.

In order to have an excellent result, it is necessary that there are some pieces suitable for the smoke intake, while others must have a long fiber. This is of fundamental importance: a balance of transferability of essences given, precisely, by long and intact fibers.



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