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Ribantatre Savio Hinges Recordable Kit Hook

Brands: Savio
Code: 1246.705
€ 27,82
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Kit hinges from Hook Recordable Ribantatre Art.1246.705 Savio
For R40 series, R50 TT continuous bar and New Tec

Hinge kit to hook adjustable for Ribantatre zama and aluminum backplates preassembled in 304 stainless steel, nylon bush and grain zama preassembled adjustment, TS 4 screws Ø 4.2x13, 2 M5x8 screws TS, TS 2 screws M5x12 and 1 grain M6x9 stainless steel 304, 2 M5x27 screws and 2 screws TS M5x9 preassembled stainless steel 304.
Max door weight 80 kg (120 kg with corner reinforcement).

The hinges autoposizionano on the corner of the frame; They are perfectly symmetrical and are three wings (to better withstand the bending stresses of the window frame).

This article is one of the components that together make up the Ribantatre Standard Arm and Short Savio.
And 'possible to buy all the components together in "Composition Ribantatre Standard Arm Savio", or "Composition Ribantatre Arm Short Savio."

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