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PosaClima Products for Energy Efficiency Windows

PosaClima Products for Energy Efficiency Windows


PosaClima: products for the installation of high energy efficiency windows

All professional window installers know that even the best window frames, with excellent technical characteristics, without correct installation will never achieve the performance results promised on paper and so much desired.

Correct installation of windows can only be achieved if both of these two conditions are met:
  • an expert window installer who knows how to work correctly;
  • the use of a system of certified installation products to achieve the desired performance.

Finally today we can say that PosaClima, the leading system in Italy for the installation of high energy efficiency windows , has solved at least one of these needs. The rest is left to the expert hands of the installer.

The advantages of PosaClima for the installation of doors and windows

The PosaClima company, an initiative of Straudi SpA founded in 2010 in collaboration with numerous Italian and European partners, has created a system for installing the fixtures that can guarantee the connection nodes of the window and door to the wall :
  • high thermoacoustic efficiency;
  • good versatility to follow the needs of the building site;
  • a guaranteed duration over time;
  • a low cost that allowed the installer to use the PosaClima system on any construction site.
PosaClima develops and tests for the Italian market installation solutions for exterior doors and windows tested in the most important international laboratories, selects the best products for installation at European level.

Ideal solutions for sealing the subframe to the wall

For the realization of this project, a research group was set up which brought the leading producers of the various installation materials selected on the European market to the same table, with the scientific coordination of Dr. Paolo Ambrosi , who could boast over 15 years of experience in the research and installation of Italian windows and doors gained with the Straudi technical staff on the Königleim project.

The result was the creation of a modern system for the installation of external doors and windows which solved the following critical points:
  • the development of a series of solutions for the construction of a modern subframe;
  • the design and selection of suitable materials and systems for sealing the subframe to the wall (primary node);
  • the design and selection of suitable materials and systems for sealing the frame to the subframe (secondary node).
The PosaClima working group continues to research and test new products and improve installation techniques, so that the PosaClima system can constantly interpret the best solutions on the market and can be a point of reference for all those who want to lay work of the window frame able to offer maximum performance.

The materials of the PosaClima system: efficiency takes place

The PosaClima system offers, in addition to the methods for making the connection nodes, also the necessary materials. Regarding this point, the great strength of the PosaClima system is its independence from producers . In fact, in each factory there are better and worse products, new products and outdated products, prototypes that must be tested by someone and stock funds that must be disposed of: all these products arrive on the market and must find a place.

PosaClima, however, is not a production company, but a brand that selects only the best products . When on the world market some company presents a better product or technological solution, PosaClima changes immediately without any production inertia to always keep its offer at the highest levels. For this reason, PosaClima products always represent the best of what is available.

More specifically, the technical staff of PosaClima endeavors to select and check the materials that each installer should do, and does so with the competence of its technicians but also with the authority and trust of the more than 5,000 Italian customers who they use these materials with great satisfaction.

PosaClima for sale online: discover prices and offers

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