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Fischer Fixing Systems and Dowels

Fischer fixing systems and wall plugs for sale online

Discover the Fischer catalog at the best online prices

Fischer manufactures fastening systems in plastic, metal and chemical anchors. Professionals from all over the world rely on its innovative products and services.

The most famous products are certainly the so-called light fasteners , they are nylon dowels, Fischer metal anchors and tilting anchors, for applications of medium-light loads on walls, slabs and ceilings.

Strong attention is also paid to protecting the environment through corporate decisions aimed at reducing the environmental impact.

catalogo Fischer ai migliori prezzi online

Based on the principles contained in its corporate philosophy, the Fischer catalog satisfies customers with products and services characterized by:
  • quality;
  • efficiency;
  • technical progress;
  • ease of use;
  • optimal performance.

fischer tasselli

Fischer anchors on solid or perforated masonry and plasterboard walls

Solid, perforated, plasterboard or Gasbeton wall? What pieces are you looking for? Fischer has been designing and manufacturing fastening systems for masonry, plasterboard, aerated concrete, concrete and many other substrates for over 70 years.

Fischer has developed a complete range of anchors capable of satisfying all installation needs and types of support: nylon anchors and metal anchors for masonry , plasterboard and cellular concrete.

fischer fissaggio

Fischer Italia: a tradition with more than 50 years

In 1963 Fischer Italy was born in Padua. Thanks to a path of constant growth, today it has more than 300 employees and supplies over 6,000 customers.

The company produces and markets thousands of anchors every day and has always represented the reference point in civil and industrial construction, offering valuable and highly specialized, innovative, safe and certified products.

A complete range of nylon fixings, mechanical fixings and chemical anchors, high performance anchors for securing seismic areas, fixings for structural applications on wood, fixings for plumbing, life lines, fixings for insulation, systems for plant engineering and aeraulics , building envelope systems, photovoltaic systems on roofs, flat roofs and facades.

Fischer Sistemi di Fissaggio e Tasselli da Muro prezzi online

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