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Ci.F.All. Accessories for Shutters

Ci.F.All. accessories for shutters for sale online

Ci.F.All. accessories for shutters : when choosing a shutter for your home, the hardware represents a fundamental part of the shutter itself.

Ci.F.All. srl was founded forty years ago by the experience of the blacksmith Pietro Nastasi, who began the mass production of accessories for Genoese shutters with a press. Discover all the models of the best Cifall shutter stops for sale online on Windowo.

Over the years the company has grown, new machinery arrives and production expands to new accessories up to the creation of a complete range of hardware for Genoese shutters. From this great experience in the sector, the Giroblok is also born, a simple and effective anti-burglary system to increase the security of the shutters.

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Powder-coated aluminum alloy strips are used to make the hardware for shutters. The high -quality powder coating ensures a long service life of the material and requires very little maintenance. In fact, the thickness of the paint layer is significantly higher than that obtainable with liquid paint and the mechanical characteristics of hardness and elasticity are very high.

The accessories include a wide range of colors : from the classic ones to the roughest and most resistant and even marbled ones.

Ci.F.All. they do not fear weather conditions and do not require maintenance . In fact, these hardware items for shutters are almost 80% aluminum and are painted exclusively with powders resistant to chemical agents and bad weather. A shutter made with this shutter hardware is not only perfectly resistant to bad weather, but also shows a better aesthetic point of view.

As a further proof to guarantee the quality of these items you can be sure that Ci.F.All. they are all made in Italy : in fact Ci.F.All. srl is located in Genoa in the locality of Struppa.

Ci.F.All. hardware hinges for shutters powder-coated aluminum

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