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Mosquito nets with installation without holes

by Elia Caneppele 2 March 2023 commenti (1) scrivi commento

Mosquito net with installation without holes. Ideal for both windows and French doors. Discover the best models of mosquito nets that can be installed without screws available on Windowo.

The hardest part of installing an insect screen is fixing it with screws , whether it's a spring-loaded vertical sliding window screen or a horizontally moving patio door. Then obviously the screw holes will remain even when you decide to remove or change the mosquito net in question. In short, fixing mosquito nets with the help of a drill, screws and dowels is not exactly the best from both an ecstatic and a practical point of view. But is it really the only solution available on the market?

Mosquito net without holes made to measure: safe even without screws

mosquito nets without holes and screws are reliable

Are insect screens without holes and screws reliable?

Of course, installing a mosquito net without having to drill with a drill allows us to avoid a lot of hassle, we all agree on this. However, some critics of screwless insect screens have recently criticized the latter. Let's see together the two main arguments that make them up and evaluate if these criticisms are based on valid premises.

Critique 1: Are screwless insect screens stable?

The fear that many have is that, as we have read in some articles online, the latest generation screwless mosquito nets that promise assembly without the aid of a drill are not very stable. These critics argue that this occurs because the pressure fastening using anchors with an expansion mechanism loses its pressure capacity over time due to the natural structural failure of the plastic components of the anchor and the consequent deformation, amplified and accelerated by contact with the weathering.

Critique 2: do insect screens without holes last over time?

A further criticism they often make to screwless insect screens is that the stresses applied to the insect screen for the opening and closing operations compromise its durability and stability. In short, they say that, by leveraging the anchoring points to the wall structure of the window or door, one ends up weakening or fracturing the fixing supports, causing the mosquito net to fall from the frame. With this motivation, some sellers of mosquito nets absolutely advise against the use of the mosquito net without screws, especially where frequent handling is expected.

But are these criticisms valid for all screwless insect screens? Absolutely not, as with all things, even screwless mosquito nets work only if they are built with a system that is controlled and verified by serious companies with experience in the sector. The others are just excuses. In fact, if you decide to buy a Bettio mosquito net without holes in the Windowo online shop you will not have to fear these risks. The system patented by Bettio is based not on anchors with an expansion mechanism, but on an installation with a special double-sided adhesive . We are therefore talking about mosquito nets that must be glued into the wall compartment . This means not even making a hole in the installation compartment. And how long does this glue last? Bettio guarantees a secure seal by following the correct installation (clearly explained in the assembly instructions and in the numerous video tutorials available online).

Estetika mosquito net without vertical holes for window

Estetika: the vertical insect screen without holes for windows

The new Estetika Bettio insect screen for windows has essential and clean lines which, combined with the guide as wide as the box, guarantee a perfect “frame” aesthetic finish around the hole.

Estetika Bettio allows a state of the art “self-guided” installation in the window compartment. Possible installation in the hole even without screws thanks to the combination of push and double-sided adhesive supplied . With this system it is also possible to correct out of square up to 10mm.

Furthermore, newly designed profiles guarantee a full-frame finish of high aesthetic value, further accentuated by brushes and tassels that “disappear” inside the aluminum profiles. Self-adjusting telescopic guides and the famous Bettio clic-clak® in a new and updated version complete the technical offer of Estetika and make it a cutting-edge mosquito net.

Small curiosity: the most particular feature of the Estetika mosquito net without holes is that it is anti-bugs : profiles and plastics have in fact been designed to offer a barrier against annoying bedbugs, insects that can easily be introduced into homes.

Go to the product sheet of the Estetika Bettio mosquito net

miniscenica evo horizontal mosquito net without holes for French windows

Miniscenica evo: the horizontal insect screen without holes for French windows

It can be installed without the use of screws , thanks to the special double-sided adhesive supplied as standard , also for the revolutionary Miniscenica evo horizontal sliding mosquito net. In fact, you can completely " glue " it without having to make even a hole in the installation wall compartment.

The Miniscenica evo mosquito net for French doors also has all the excellences that distinguish the Scenica family of mosquito nets, such as the complete absence of floor and side closing profiles and the net always perfectly stretched and blocking of the mosquito net in any desired position.

The installation system has been made even easier and faster, with out-of-square adjustment systems that will leave you speechless. All enclosed in just 43mm of footprint, to house the mosquito net even where the installation space is really small.

Go to the product sheet of the Miniscenica evo Bettio 1 Hinged insect screen

Go to the product sheet of the Miniscenica evo Bettio 2 Hinged mosquito net

how to buy mosquito net without holes

How to buy a custom made insect screen without holes

Mosquito nets without holes, like all other mosquito nets, must be made to measure to fit perfectly in the wall compartment where they are to be positioned. This is why on Windowo we have built a very precise and reliable automatic configurator. When you enter the product sheet of the mosquito net model you want to buy, just enter the base and height measurements in millimeters, select the color you prefer and the price is calculated immediately . This system is really convenient, especially if you want to make several cost estimates and carefully evaluate which choice of mosquito nets suits you the most. In this way you will be able to create the composition of your perfect insect screen directly online according to your specific needs.

Say hello to all the insects that buzz around you, order the mosquito net right away on our configurator. In case you have any doubts during the purchase of the mosquito net, the Windowo assistance service will allow you to quickly receive answers from our operators both on quotes for mosquito nets and for clarifications or advice on products.

After you have completed the purchase, the mosquito net you ordered online will arrive directly at your home in a few days, ready to be installed and to start removing the mosquitoes from your home.

Discover all the mosquito net models for sale on Windowo

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