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Viewtex Roller and Venetian Blinds

Viewtex sale of blinds at the best prices

Viewtex is the brand of large roller curtains and venetian blinds: sale at the best online prices. Discover many models of modern interiorior curtains Viewtex motorised roller blinds and blackout blinds on offer.

Viewtex roller blinds and venetian blinds at the best prices on offer

Viewtex is one of the leading brands of standardized curtains for large spaces. The success of Viewtex blinds is based on the continuous research on decoration trends, on the study of the prevailing measures and on its vast international experience.

The Viewtex brand roller blinds, in its commitment to the expectations of its customers, ensures good product rotation by periodically launching many new models.

Viewtex wants to offer its customers modern interiorior curtains that are easy to install and wash, at an affordable price and of excellent quality.

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Just find the most suitable model and select the sizes you want.

Viewtex Roller Blinds and Venetian Blinds

All you need to know about Viewtex blinds

With the right curtain you can add style and color to any room.

In fact, curtains can help define the theme of a space and add that finishing touch to the overall decor.

The best Viewtex curtain fabrics

With so many different curtain fabrics , how can you be sure to find the one that fits your room? Different sheets are suitable for different rooms.

For example, polyester curtains work well in bedrooms, but are not suitable for kitchens (this material is flammable and absorbs odors).

Linen, on the other hand, is a great fabric for kitchen curtains.

Tips for hanging Viewtex curtains

Viewtex curtains add beauty to the room.

A Vietex curtain can truly transform and make a boring window joyful.

Press or steam the Viewtex curtains

Often people hang the curtain simply by pulling it out of the bag, assuming the wrinkles will "fall off" after a while. This is usually not the case.

For this we recommend that you press or steam iron the curtain to remove any creases or wrinkles.

Important things to consider when buying Viewtex tents

As any decorator will tell you, curtains make a room, but only if they are chosen correctly.

When it comes to curtains, it's all about color and fabric, length and lining, and whether to choose a custom curtain or a standard curtain. With so many resolutions, it's easy to get confused.

So here are some tips for narrowing down your options and selecting the right shades for your home.
  • If you like to move your rooms frequently, we recommend using neutral colors. They are less likely to fade and look good with any room's decor;
  • The best materials for making curtains are linen, silk, fake silk and velvet because they tend to hang better;
  • Synthetic silk is usually the strongest. And in a particularly sunny room, imitation silk does not deteriorate as quickly as real silk;
  • Some sheets can help keep the cold out. Many hotels use suede, velvet, upholstery or tweed, as their weight helps block out light and retain heat;
  • The interlining (a piece of fabric that goes between the lining and the upholstery fabric) can increase the durability of the curtains. The lining and the interlining are what give the curtains their body and fullness.

tenda Viewtex vendita online

What is curtain puckering?

This is perhaps the most confusing aspect for customers when purchasing Viewtex tents. It's actually a fairly simple principle once you know it.

Each pair of curtains should have a certain amount of "ripples". If a curtain doesn't have ruffles, it would just look like a completely flat piece of fabric stretched over the window.

To achieve the pleated effect seen at the top of most curtains, the curtains need to be wider than the rail. This extra canvas is "gathered" using the threads of the ribbon sewn into the top of the curtain.

The actual amount of collection depends on personal styles and preferences, but generally the width of the curtains should be twice the width of the rail.

How do I know which curtain rod size to take?

You should measure the width of the window frame from the top to know the size of the bar to use.



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