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Mori 2A

Mori 2A Stainless Steel and Plastic Materials

Mori 2A: stainless steel and plastic products for sale

The Italian company Mori 2A specialises in the creation of Gastronorm containers and a wide range of other options. Learn more about our selection of stainless steel and plastic products ideal for the gastronomy, ice cream parlour and catering industry.

Mori 2A: articles in steel and plastic materials of superior quality

The Italian company Mori 2A produces gastronorm containers and much more: discover a vast selection of stainless steel and plastic items for gastronomy, ice cream parlors and restaurants.

Mori 2A is characterized by a strong production flexibility, such as to satisfy the different requests of a demanding clientele. Precisely this great flexibility allows the company to combine normal production with the creation of an unlimited number of custom-made items.

Italian company Mori 2A produces a wide range of stainless steel and plastic items for gastronomy, ice cream parlors and restaurants

Mori 2A: an Italian story

The company was founded in 1927, the year of foundation of the first reality linked to the family.

Thanks to the reliability and seriousness that have always distinguished it, today Mori 2A has reached leading positions on the domestic and foreign markets, with excellent prospects for further development.

The efficient organization of the work guarantees the optimization of the individual production phases and the maintenance of a very high quality standard.

Articles Mori 2A stainless steel plastics gastronorm prices

mori 2a stainless steel gastronorm

Mori 2A and attention to environmental protection

Mori 2A is sensitive to the theme of ecology.

In each production phase, the company has introduced the most advanced tools to ensure environmental protection. The production cycle involves the treatment of the substances present in a gaseous stream through the washing tower (scrubber), a device which allows the concentration of acid micro-pollutants to be reduced.

Furthermore, the waste waters deriving from the various processes are treated through a chemical-physical purification plant. After treatment and before being reintroduced into the water network, the waters are conveyed into a small lake populated by fish, whose vitality guarantees the positive outcome of the purification process.

For process water containing acids and more harmful chemical substances, and for which internal disposal is not possible, Mori 2A makes use of the collaboration of specialized companies, investing part of its resources for the treatment of over 170,000 liters of industrial waste water.

mori 2a stainless steel made in italy catering products

The green philosophy behind Mori 2A products

Mori 2A recognizes that energy plays a strategic role in its activities and is aware that correct energy management represents the most effective solution for reducing costs and climate-changing emissions, while generating economic and environmental benefits at the same time.

For this reason Mori 2A Srl has defined this energy policy , oriented towards the continuous improvement of energy performance, energy efficiency, energy saving and the reduction of CO2 emissions linked to the activities carried out within the production site.

The dedication to work, the updating of technological processes, the constant search for new stimuli for production have always distinguished Mori 2A. A philosophy that, over the years, has been rewarded with numerous and important awards .



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