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L.M. Monticelli

The corner joint was created about 50 years ago in Osimo, thanks to a brilliant intuition by Domenico Monticelli. The currently existing company L.M. Monticelli is younger, it was created only 40 years ago. The current L.M. has grown behind this simple element which the company updated and improved, also thanks to Domenico’s children: indeed this is the third generation. 

During the years, Monticelli was able to grow from every point of view and it created a beautiful family which nowadays is made up of 250 people. The strong cooperation between the owners and the employees is the main feature of the whole organization. 

Starting from the small foundry situated in the ceiling we have now a modern 26,000 m plant where the production is highly automated: the increasing specialization made L.M. a world leader in the design and construction of joints.

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The company:
Everything started about 50 years ago in a small foundry, when, thanks to the smart idea by an artisan of the Monticelli family the corner joint was born. The corner joint has had a constant development during these 50 years. 
Our current success stems from our utmost care and dedication in every stage of the corner joint. Nowadays, Monticelli is a world leader in the production of corner joints.
Our strengths are creativity, technology, organization, but above all research: Monticelli is always ready to design and manufacture new products, with its usual reliability. Monticelli has been manufacturing only corner joints since its birth: we have always used our ingenuity, our skills, our experience and professionalism and all the technological and human resources at our disposal for only one product. For this reason, Monticelli is a symbol of corner joints all over the world. 
Our goal is simple and straightforward: to supply the market with valuable high quality products at reasonable costs. In this way we get a favourable response from the extruders, from the door and windows manufacturers and producers of accessories., who more and more often use Monticelli’s corner joints.

L.M. Monticelli



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