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Monticelli corner joints for sale online. Quality products at cost prices. Square on offer. Joint design and construction.

Monticelli corner joints for sale online on Windowo

The corner joint was born in Osimo about 50 years ago thanks to a brilliant intuition of Domenico Monticelli , the modern LM Monticelli is however younger, only 40 years old. Behind this simple element the modern LM has developed which over the years and thanks to the inclusion of children has updated and improved this accessory, now it is the third generation.

Over the years, Monticelli has been able to grow in every sense, developing a wonderful family that today has 250, the strong synergy that has been created between relatives and employees is the backbone of the entire organization.

From the small foundry located in the attic we have arrived at the modern factory of 26,000 square meters. where production is highly robotic and the increase in high specialization has led LM to be a world leader in the design and construction of joints .

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Monticelli brackets, the history of the company

It all began about 50 years ago in a small foundry and, thanks to the ingenious idea of a craftsman from the Monticelli family, the corner square was born. The development of Monticelli in these 50 years has been constant and the current success has its roots in the great attention that is dedicated to each stage of the machining of the square.

Monticelli is today a leading company in the world for the production of corner brackets .

Creativity, technology, organization, but above all research: for any need that arises in any part of the world, Monticelli is always ready to design and create new products, with the usual total reliability.

From its birth to today, Monticelli has always and only created brackets: inventiveness, experience, competence, professionalism and all the human and technological resources available have always been concentrated on a single product. This is why Monticelli is synonymous with the square all over the world .

Monticelli's philosophy is simple and clear: to supply the market with valuable, innovative products at low cost but of high quality, thus meeting the favor of extruders, rangers, accessories and window and door manufacturers who increasingly use Monticelli angle brackets.

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