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Gra Rivadossi Italian Brass Handles

Gra Rivadossi italian brass handles for sale online

It was 1922 when Giacinto Rivadossi opened the company producing brass handles, accessories for handles and other furnishing accessories in Valsabbia.

The handles signed by Rivadossi retrace the entire history of Italy , from the dawn of a manufacturing that has become more and more advanced over the years while retaining the merits of an artisanal production.

Year after year the Rivadossi company, born in a small factory along the Bondaglio stream, grows and assumes great national importance.

gra rivadossi maniglie made in italy promozione prezzi negozio

Gra Rivadossi, the timeless Italian taste

Today Gra Rivadossi to meet the demands of the international market focuses on the strength of the warm color of brass and strengthens the study and research in the field of shapes and style, for a strictly 100% Made in Italy production.

For ninety years each Gra Rivadossi article has been a unique piece, the result of the expertise and skill of people who strongly believe in Italian quality .

Centuries-old experiences, attention to detail, refined research in shapes and attention to finishes, come together to ensure a unique quality to all brass handles, pull handles, knobs and furnishing accessories.

gra rivadossi handles brescia italy valsabbia history

A long history founded on the territory

Giacinto Rivadossi, originally from Lumezzane, began a small craft business in Caino in 1920 and in 1922, at the age of 27, he arrived in Agnosine to build his workshop. Along the Bondaglio stream he identifies an old mill for sale, buys it and, using the water that for centuries had been turning the heavy millstones, builds the company for the production of handles. The establishment was initially placed along the stream, on a steep ravine sunk under the parish church; then, over time, it extends over the stream and into the rock.

The history of Rivadossi is a bit the history of the handle , which over time passes from an artisanal type of manufacturing to a production with more advanced technologies. The continuous evolution of the architectural lines in the styles of the houses inevitably also involves the handle, like any other piece of furniture.

The models of interior and coordinated door handles that accompany them, such as window handles , knobs, grab bars , swing doors, hinges, switch covers, bolts, coat hangers, ratchets, combine with the different styles of doors and windows with the warm color of brass , the brilliance of the chrome and the delicate effects of the satin finish.



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