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Angel Juicer - Steel Juice Extractor

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The Angel Juicer is the benchmark in the category of Juice Extractors, excelling in the cold pressing technique. This slow juicer is distinguished by its low number of rotations, which preserves the valuable nutritional values of fruit and vegetables intact. Get healthy and tasty juices thanks to cold juicing. Buy Angel Juicer extractors at the best prices online at Windowo.

Angel Juicer: the only completely steel juice extractor

Angel Juicer Juice Extractors is the leader in cold squeezing juice, it is a slow juicer because, thanks to the low number of revolutions, it keeps the nutritional values of fruit and vegetables unaltered. The Angel Juicer makes squeezing juices easy, from pomegranates to apples, from wheat sprouts to fir needles.

Do you like cocktails or single juices? Do you want to improve your health with natural aids? Angel Juicer will help you make all your wishes come true. Its functionality is not limited only to juices, it is also possible to enjoy the vitamin milk of wheat sprouts, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds... it is also ideal for weed, barley, medicinal herbs and sprouts.

Angel Juicer - Steel Juice Extractor

The revolutionary all-steel construction consists of the self-priming press system with two rotor-mincers, which with the force of 3 horses, rotate with a rotation of less than 82 rpm (the ideal rotation) and this allows to keep all the enzymes alive and the nutrients in the juice.

Angel Juicer allows considerable savings, even if you prepare juice for one person. This savings is greatest when the juice is produced for the whole family. The characteristics of Angel Juicer, as a cold press, far exceed the characteristics of centrifugal or separator type juicers.

The amount of juice with Angel Juicer is always higher – from 30% to 300%.

Healthy and tasty juices, thanks to the cold pressing of Angel Juicer

For the preparation of a good and healthy juice , it is very important that the fibers of the vegetables and fruit are well pressed, but not heated during the chopping, because the heat would kill the enzymes, which are thermolabile at a temperature slightly above 40 ° and vitamins. That is why it is necessary to keep the rotational speed below 110 rpm.

Angel's rotation is 82 rpm. Angel cold squeezes, without causing friction and heating.

With Angel Juicer a fruit, vegetable, cereal and seed juice

Obtaining juice, or vitamin milk from cereals and seeds, is possible with Angel Juicer! The grinding power of 3 horsepower allows you to do it! Angel is the only juicer in the world able to do it with maximum efficiency and preservation of useful vitamins.

The Angel Extractor is entirely and completely made of stainless steel and uses high quality surgical steel. It guarantees absolute hygiene, reliability and durability. Does not absorb odors and pigments.

With the Angel Juicer extractor you get the maximum yield

From the comparison of Angel with centrifugal or separator type juicers, we note that the quantity of juice obtained with Angel is clearly higher: from 30 to 300 percent more. Angel can squeeze juice out of anything (except pits) and the juice residue is so dry you might as well burn it.

Using Angel is very simple. To fit the extractor simply 'slide' the compression barrel (filter) over the rotors and close the clip.

Ease of use and cleaning of Angel Juicer

Angel Juicer washes effortlessly . For a quick wash between juices with different flavours, simply pour some water (100-150g) directly into the feed tube; final cleaning takes less than a minute between disassembly, cleaning and reassembly. It is possible to disassemble it and put it in the dishwasher. Simply brilliant!

Juice squeezing with a power of 3 horsepower

Thanks to the precise system designed with two rotor-choppers, the powerful motor and a three-level filtration system, Angel is able to chop the cellulose fibers, split the cells of vegetables and fruit by extracting the nutrients contained inside the cells which allow to obtain a thicker and more intense color of the juice and a sweeter and richer taste. Our juice is not only healthier, but also tastier!

Absolute versatility

A wide range of juicing possibilities from all consistencies. Juicing from virtually all vegetables and fruits (including soft fruit), leaves, grain sprouts, roots, medicinal herbs, germs, and even pine needles and seeds. It is possible to squeeze soybeans or prepare tofu, or nut butter, peanut butter and much more.

Angel Juicer's motor is very quiet

The Angel Juicer extractor is very silent. You won't wake anyone up by making juice early in the morning.



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