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Potent Locks Cylinders Safes

Potent locks and safes since 1978

Potent produces locks , cylinders, safes, padlocks and peepholes in Turin. Potent locks are made in Italy and certified.

Potent security locks and safes has been operating in the passive protection sector since 1978. For more than 40 years Potent has been offering high quality products and components, designed to meet modern technological standards.

Potent has developed numerous lines of products and accessories dedicated to wooden, armored and overhead doors, shutters and gates, safes, up to offering a complete range of locks, cylinders, padlocks and locking devices.

Potent locks for sale online at the best prices

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Potent Locks Cylinders Safes

Potent: discover a wide range of security products

Among the Potent products we find several professional anti- burglary items:
  • Security locks;
  • Lock cylinders;
  • Padlocks;
  • Locks for armored doors;
  • Locks to apply;
  • Locks for shutters and overhead doors;
  • Universal lever locks;
  • Peepholes;
  • Safes to wall and lay;
  • Locks for safes;
  • Lighting;
  • Tooling.

potent cilindri di sicurezza

Powerful European profile cylinders for safety locks

Passive safety always passes through the lock cylinders . Potent cylinders are available in several versions and with different safety levels to satisfy every type of market requirement.

From cylinders for the first installation on construction sites, to maximum security cylinders with patented profile key and European SKG certification.

Powerful padlocks for every need

The padlock represents the first level of mobile and removable passive security. The Potent brand, with more than twenty years of experience in the padlock sector, offers different ranges and versions , suitable for all needs of use.

Solid brass padlocks with hardened steel locking arch, steel-coated brass padlocks, bell padlocks for shutters, anti-perforation padlocks with hardened steel body and mobile locking systems.

Powerful security locks for doors

Security locks are the core business of the Potent brand.

With over 50 years of activity and production, the company offers several models:
  • Locks for armored doors cylinder versions with anti-extraction systems, double-bit versions with key re-coding system;
  • Locks for wood , available in lateral, triple and fivefold versions with "H" system;
  • Locks for rolling shutters in central and lateral versions, vertical cylinder system and double bit.

Powerful safes of all types

Potent safes in key, key and mechanical combination versions, digital with keyboard for private and hotel use.

In addition, the Potent brand offers a wide range of locks for safes.

potent serratura di sicurezza

Why choose a Potent lock?

The keywords of Potent products are quality, reliability and customer satisfaction.

Potent locks quality

The quality level of Potent items is guaranteed by the UNI EN ISO 9001 system certified and updated by TÜV SÜD Italy. Potent verifies products and projects according to UNI ENV international standards.

Reliability of Potent safes

The constant monitoring of projects offers the customer the security of a solid company looking for continuous growth in terms of quality and projected towards future evolution.

Potent cylinder technology

The design phase makes use of a three-dimensional CAD system that allows the creation of more sophisticated products and components and more precise controls from the earliest stages of construction.

Growth in Italy and abroad

The Potent sales network, developed in Italy and abroad with the collaboration of agents and sales managers, is constantly expanding to adapt to the introduction of new products and the evolution of the market.



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