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Horizontal fly screens for balconies, patio doors and terraces

By horizontal fly screen we mean a mosquito net whose net wrapping system works, as the name says, horizontally (from right to left and vice versa). Discover the best models of horizontal fly screens, ideal for balconies, patio doors and terraces. Whether you are looking for a roll-up, pleated, spring-loaded mosquito net, with or without a track on the floor, here you will find the perfect fly screen to protect the passage from your favorite spaces from insects.

Horizontal sliding fly screens without floor barriers

What are you waiting for? Discover now innovative fly screens for the entry and exit of people and of our beloved pets. And if your concern is children, the disabled or older family members... don't worry! You will find many models without floor track that do not create any barrier. In this way there is no risk of tripping, not even for those who have difficulty walking.

Enter the measures and find out now the price of your new horizontal mosquito net

With Windowo ordering a horizontal sliding mosquito net online is very simple! Enter the measurements in millimeters and find out the price immediately. If you are lucky and have a coupon code you can enter it when ordering: in this way you will see even more convenience for your purchase of mosquito nets.



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