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Torggler Silicones Sealants Foams

Torggler Chimica: sealants, silicones and foams for sale online

For many years Torggler Chimica has held a leading position in the sector of construction chemicals such as silicones and sealants.

The development of innovative products, the constant search for quality in terms of performance and use of the products, the partnership with the world's largest producers of raw materials and the efficient technical assistance service, have allowed Torggler Chimica to achieve full trust of the professional user.

Torggler Chimica: sealants, silicones and foams for sale online

Torggler Italian sealants with professionalism and passion

Torggler has its headquarters in Marlengo and production sites in Merano and Rieti. In addition to the national market, Torggler products are appreciated and distributed in Europe and in countries around the Mediterranean basin.

The company recently set up T-Life Project , a strategic project for the study and development of innovative products aimed at improving the comfort, quality of life and safety of buildings. Products that are environmentally friendly, easy and comfortable to use at the same time.

Furthermore, the company, with a prestigious brand behind it, has obtained the " CasaClima Partner " diploma.

Torggler Chimica boasts one of the best and best equipped research and development centers in Europe; the company plays a role of fundamental importance in the construction sector in Italy.

Torggler Chimica production: silicones and much more

A national technical commercial and distribution network serving over 3,000 resellers and more than 2,000 companies with a range of chemical products for construction, which is the spearhead of European production and which is divided into six main product groups / sectors, to meet all the needs of the construction site:
  • Special systems and mortars : rehabilitation of damp walls, recovery of concrete and reinforced concrete;
  • Sealants : silicone, acrylic, assembly adhesive, refractory sealant, polyurethane foams, accessories;
  • Waterproofing products : cementitious, bituminous and more;
  • Products for floors and walls : adhesives and fillers, levelers, adhesives / smoothers for external insulation systems, accessory products
  • Additives and accessories : additives, reactive adhesives, release agents.

Neutral, hybrid and acrylic Torggler sealants

The world of sealants offers a multiplicity of solutions that allow the most diversified uses. Torggler silicone sealants are formulated to best meet these needs in all applications: from the most technological and advanced in the industry, to the most common do-it-yourself ones. The product range includes neutral, acrylic and hybrid silicone sealants.

Torggler polyurethane foams

In the toolbox of every professional there is polyurethane foam : bricklayers, painters, window frames, plumbers, electricians, tinsmiths, roofers, carpenters use it in the most diverse uses, when there is the need to perform fillings or fixings capable of guarantee a high thermal-acoustic insulation capacity to the sealed cavities.

Torggler waterproofing products

In constant search of the best waterproofing solutions, Torggler has developed a series of waterproofing products that have distinguished it as a reliable and high-quality partner. The Product Development Center is the place where engineers and technicians carry out research and selection of all the components of the Torggler waterproofing product, aiming to identify constantly cutting-edge and top-level solutions.

Installation of tiles and natural stones

The long experience in the development of adhesives for laying tiles and natural stones places Torggler as a reference point in the choice of quality products for the realization of its flooring system. The wide range of products for bonding and sealing, which meets European standards, have a guaranteed resistance and flexibility so as to ensure resistance to wear and protection of the system in the long term.

Laying of parquet and resilient floors

The Torggler company makes its knowledge available and presents a complete line of adhesives for the specific, professional and highly performing installation of wood, PVC and Linoleum flooring for both residential, professional and industrial use.

Torggler Chimica: sigillanti, siliconi e schiume in vendita online



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