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Spacer Proni Laying Window Series 800

Brands: Proni
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Spacer Art.800.01 Proni; Series 800

Spacer adjustable universal nylon for easy and precise installation of PVC and aluminum.
It applies to pressure in the hole Ø16,3 mm anchored by means of sealing areas on the thickness of the profile which prevent their sfilaggio. The tightness is guaranteed by the rotation teeth that are planted in the walls of the hole. In special cases (ovalized hole and / or increased) you can use the hole sull'aletta for applying screw.
The spacer is also usable in the presence of the metal reinforcement inserted in the profile. The trapezoidal thread profile provides excellent rigidity and resistance throughout the stroke adjustment screw (compression yield strength> 230 kg).

Equipped with wheat standard, it is used in most cases.

Specific problems of the tubular shape of the profile can be resolved, providing it with shims available separately.

Complete your purchase looking in the "Systems for Laying Aluminum" or "systems for laying PVC" thicknesses Proni Series 800: Art.600.98 and Art.600.99.

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