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Rod Actuator Mingardi D8 Fce 230V Stroke 200-300-400mm

Brands: Mingardi
Code: D8 Fce WAY
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Rod actuator Mingardi D8 Fce 230V - Stroke 200-300-400mm (at choice)

Rod actuator for top hinged windows, domes, sun blades, louvered windows

Mingardi D8 Fce Mingardi linear electric actuator with rigid rod movement with high resistance to peak loads.
  • Operation with 230V ~ / 50Hz power supply.
  • Complies with Directives 2006/95 LVD - 2004/108 EMC.
  • Equipped with limit switch microswitches and relays for parallel connection.
  • Built-in thermal protection.

Rod actuator color: silver anodized. Complete with fixing accessories.

Mingardi D8 Fce rod actuator for window

Features Mingardi D8 Fce 230V rod actuator

  • Fixing bracket sliding along the entire body of the actuator;
  • No maintenance;
  • High degree of protection: IP 55;
  • Closing - opening limit switch: microswitch;
  • Color: silver anodized.
Technical data*
Code Description Voltage Thrust Traction Race Absorption Max Speed Min A (mm)
2700934 D8 200mm - (A) 230V ~ / 50Hz 500N 200mm 175W ca. 12mm / s 318.8
2700933 D8 300mm - (A) 230V ~ / 50Hz 500N 300mm 175W ca. 12mm / s 418.8
2713834 D8 400mm - (A) 230V ~ / 50Hz 500N 400mm 175W ca. 12mm / s 518.8

* The performance values shown in the table are verified at a temperature of -10 ° C / + 40 ° C, with a maximum relative humidity of 60%.

Mingardi D8 Fce rod actuator for window

Attuatore a Stelo d8 fce mingardi

Stroke / Length: 200mm (A: 318.8mm), 300 (A: 418.8mm), 400 (A: 518.8mm).

Discover the best Made in Italy solutions with Mingardi

Founded in 1968, Mingardi is synonymous with quality motorization for doors and windows, for ventilation and smoke evacuation in case of fire.

Mingardi actuators are produced in Italy by the company Window Automation Industry Srl.

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