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Rod Actuator WAY Mingardi D8 Fce Stroke 200-300-400mm 230V

WAY Mingardi
Brands: WAY Mingardi
Code: D8 Fce WAY
€ 64,75
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Rod Actuator WAY Mingardi D8 Fce Stroke 200-300-400mm 230V
Rod actuator for top hinged windows, domes, sunshades and louvre windows

Rod Actuator D8 Fce Mingardi with rigid rod movement and high resistance to maximum loads.
Operation 230V~ 50 Hz power supply. 
It complies with 2006/95 LVD - 2004/108 EMC directives.
Fitted with limit switches and relays for connection in parallel.
Incorporated thermal overload protection.
Available colours: anodised silver. Complete with fixing accessories.

  • Fixing bracket sliding along the whole body;
  • High protection degree;
  • Maintenance free;
  • Protection degree electrical devices: IP 55;
  • Limit switch closing-opening: Microswitch;
  • Colour: Anodised Silver (A);
  • Operating temperature: -10°C +40C°
Technical Features*
 Code  Description  Voltage  Thrust Tensile  Stroke  Power Consumption  Speed  Min.
 2700292  D8 200mm - (A)  230 V~ / 50 Hz  500N  200mm  175W  ca. 12 mm/s
 2700293  D8 300mm - (A)  230 V~ / 50 Hz  500N  300mm  175W  ca. 12 mm/s
 2700297  D8 400mm - (A)  230 V~ / 50 Hz  500N  400mm  175W  ca. 12 mm/s

*The values indicated on the table are average values were recorded in condition of normal use.

Stroke/A: 200mm (A:318,8mm), 300 (A:418,8mm), 400 (A:518,8mm).

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