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Insulation of Bins of Roller Shutters

In the context of upgrading the energy efficiency of a building, the cassette compartment that holds the canvas roller blinds (roller shutter) it is one of the most critical of all. In fact, through the crack of the gliding, enters the box the air to the outside temperature.
The situation is further exacerbated by the crack where the belt runs, a real hole that brings internal and external communication. Consequently, very often the disperse more energy bins of the same windows.

We offer a thermal insulation system and acoustics of the interior of the box, very simple to perform and very inexpensive to produce.
The results after this intervention are truly amazing.

One of the great advantages of this system for the insulation of the case is the great versatility and simplicity of execution that make it suitable for every dumpster and affordable for anyone interested in carrying out this work: the equipment required are in fact minimal and the difficulties nonexistent.



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