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  • What do i do if the package arrives damaged?

    Ask the courier to accept the package "with reserve" indicating the reason why you do so. If you do not indicate the reason, the reservation is not valid. Take pictures before opening the package, then check that the contents are not damaged. If it is damaged, you can send it back without paying any other fees.
  • I accepted with reserve indicating the reason. What should I do?

    We recommend that you take photos of the damaged package. Contact us and send the photos via Whatsapp to +39 349 642 8051 or via email to
  • Can I check the shipment of the package?

    Yes, copy the Tracking Number you received via email from the courier and copy it on the reference site.
  • How much is shipping?

    For more information click here.
  • How long does it take for delivery?

    It depends on the brand. If you have urgent needs, write to


Important : the address you see on the site is our registered office. To have the correct address to send the material back to, write an email to
  • I don't like what I received. Can I return it?

  1. If the right of withdrawal is applicable to the products you have purchased : you can make the return within 14 days at your expense. We will refund you the amount as soon as we receive the material. Notify us by email at
  2. If the right of withdrawal does not apply to the products you have purchased: the return is not automatic and must be agreed. Also in this case notify us by email at
  • The product is defective. What should I do?

    All the products we sell have an Italian guarantee.
  1. If the product has a warranty defect : You can ship it to us at your expense and we will send it to the manufacturer for inspection. We will return the repaired or new product to you as soon as possible at our expense. Write to us by email at
  2. If the product is damaged, but not under warranty : you can ship it to us at your expense. We will send it to the manufacturer for a check and to understand how much it will cost. Also in this case write to us via email at


  • What payment methods do you accept ?

    We accept various payment methods. For more information click here.
  • What are the bank details for the transfer ?

    Click here to see the bank details.


  • I called and got no answer. What I do?

    Don't worry - we'll call you as soon as possible. For safety, please also send an email to



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