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Ninz S.p.A. is Italy's leading producer of fire doors with a 70% market share. Consolidated experience in the sector, familiarity with standards and optimal quality-price ratios are the company's most distinguishing features. Over the years it has broadened its offer to include multipurpose metal doors and a wide range of accessories. In addition to Italy, Ninz S.p.A. also markets its products in numerous other European countries like France, Greece, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Slovenia... and countries outside of the European Union like Turkey, Russia and Panama.

Production takes place in two different facilities - Bolzano and Ala (TN), where the offices for research and development, sales and logistics are also located. In Ala a third facility is currently under construction designed to further enhance production capacity.

From its beginnings as a small family-owned metal works company in 1953, over the years the company has evolved to become a major industrial player with 250 employees. The main impetus for growth came from its owner, Karl Ninz, who first introduced the production of fire doors in 1976.

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Closers Ninz Doors REI Arm Silver CP1

$ 63,46

Closing regulator Ninz Fire doors Proget Arm Silver RC / STD

$ 34,17

Closing regulator Ninz Fire doors Univer Arm Silver RC / STD

$ 34,17

Handle Emergency Kit Ninz M3 Fire Door Plastic Black s =...

$ 31,73

Kit Ninz Handle Panic Twist Fire doors TW BM s = max 60mm

$ 89,08

Kit Ninz Handle Panic Slash SL BM Fireproof Door s = max...

$ 115,93