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Nekos Nekos is a reality emerging from the creation of ideas for the automation of window products, transforming the philosophy of thought into simple avant-garde creations for your window. The natural results of research and development combine with direct experience in the field to ensure that each item is created from the concept of one common technology for the automation of any kind of window frames, roll and vertical blinds, black out curtains, roller shutters and blinds.

Nekos Automation of Windows

Production is a promise of quality that accompanies each phase of production, from the selection of materials to manufacturing processes and accurate checks. 

Sensitive to change and particularly to the demands of the market, the company belongs in that sector of the home products industry which produces innovations, technology, design, quality and reliability... my home technology.

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Sky450 Nekos Rack Operated Actuator 450N 230V Stroke...

$ 106,29

Sky650 Nekos Rack Operated Actuator 600N 230V Stroke...

$ 136,80

Heated Rain Sensor NRS1 - NRS1/R Nekos

$ 56,62 $ 70.78

Sky650 Nekos Rack Operated Actuator 600N 24V Stroke...

$ 138,87

Pik Nekos Remote Control Device Radio Transmitter 433 MHz...

$ 35,69 $ 47.59

Wind and Light and Detector V’1 – V’LUX Nekos

$ 25,38 $ 31.73

Electrical Feeder ALI’SW 24V Nekos with Bipolar Buttons...

$ 48,81 $ 61.02

Serie K Nekos Power Supply Unit Medium and Low Voltage

$ 64,98 $ 86.64

2-Channel Recessed Radio Receiver RR2-M Nekos

$ 95,67 $ 119.59

Autonomous Central Unit for 24V Motors MODiX 2-4-6 Nekos

$ 329,48 $ 439.31

Kato Nekos Chain Actuator 230V 300N Adjustable Stroke...

$ 92,86 $ 120.81

Kato Nekos Chain Actuator 24V 300N Adjustable Stroke till...

$ 97,75 $ 113.49
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