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Since 1922, in the province of Milan, Juwel is one of the most important manufacturers of safes.

Many Juwel products have obtained prestigious certifications recognized at European level. Worldwide Juwel brand is synonymous of prestige, professionalism, high quality and safety.

Juwel safes made in Italy safety buy online

All Juwel brand items are entirely Made-in-Italy.

Do you want to discover more about Juwel products? Visit the official Juwel site:

juwel safe made in italy

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Safe Kombifrank Series 49 Juwel by Embed Various Sizes

$ 149,49

Safe Frankfurt Series 50 Juwel by Embed Various Sizes

$ 84,20

Safe Elerunner Series 56 Juwel by Embed Various Sizes

$ 173,28

Wall Safe Electron Series 44 Juwel Various Sizes

$ 279,45

Wall Safe Remedy Series 45 Juwel Various Sizes

$ 381,95

Wall Safe Keystar Series 46 Juwel Various Sizes

$ 136,43

Wall Safe Kombistar Series 47 Juwel Various Sizes

$ 238,45

Wall Safe Keycombi Series 48 Juwel Various Sizes

$ 296,53

Wall Safe Safemaster Series 51 Juwel Various Sizes

$ 226,37

Wall Safe Keyless Series 53 Juwel Various Sizes

$ 290,92

Wall Safe Elemaster Series 54 Juwel Various Sizes

$ 358,77

Wall Safe Kombiter Series 57 Juwel Various Sizes

$ 210,62