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Geze GEZE GmbH is one of the world's leading developers and manufacturers of construction systems for door, window and safety technology. GEZE offers a comprehensive range of products including automatic door systems and door technology, glass systems, smoke and heat extraction systems, safety technology as well as window and ventilation technology.

As one of the market, innovation and design leaders, the independently-managed family company has decisively influenced facility engineering and building technology with pioneering developments. These developments are constantly being driven onwards in the company's technology centre. The highest of quality standards means that GEZE products contribute towards some of the most innovative building concepts in the world and ensure convenience and security in building technology.

GEZE door closers are some of the best known in the world. Daily, millions of people enjoy the obvious conveniences of automatic door systems. Individual and building-specific special constructions, for example, revolving doors or all glass systems are implemented by a subsidiary. Product solutions from GEZE can be found in renowned buildings across the entire world.

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Plane closers Geze TS 1500 V Without Without Arm Force...

$ 11,71 $ 18.01

Plane closers Geze TS 1500 V With Arm Latch Force Quit 3-4

$ 19,87 $ 30.57

Plane closers Geze TS 1500 G Arm Sled Without Fermo

$ 17,66 $ 27.18

Plane closers Geze TS 2000 V V Without Without Arm Force...

$ 18,03 $ 27.74

Plane closers Geze TS 2000 V V With Arm Still not inhibited

$ 20,06 $ 30.86

Plane closers Geze TS 3000 V Door 1 Door Guide Scrolling...

$ 26,50 $ 40.77

Plane closers Geze TS 5000 Doors 1 Door Guide Scrolling...

$ 26,50 $ 40.77

Composition Geze Windows Rectangular Opening Door 170mm...

$ 82,87 $ 127.49

Composition Geze Electric Windows Rectangular Opening...

$ 77,10 $ 118.61