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Born in 1928, FA.SE.M. has been manufacturing locks for more than 80 years, including a high level of experience and product quality. Throughout these years, they have succeeded in the corporate leadership of 5 generations of the Beretta Family, leading to an evolution from the point of view of technology and manufacturing, with constant updating based on market demands. The company is headquartered in Misinto, a municipality in the province of Monza and Brianza, where there are administrative offices and a new warehouse for the transhipment of its products and for third parties.

The company has a large fleet of machines expanded and renewed over time, able to provide all the major machining operations in the field of lock manufacturing: cutting, press, transfer, mechanical and numerical control lathes used by long and well-established operators .

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FA.SE.M. offers the manufacture of a wide range of locks for building. Among the available products there are different lock models: from standard cylinder, round cylinder, shaped cylinder, double map and more.

FASEM cylinder locks

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105 Extensible Gate Lock FASEM

$ 10,88 $ 13.60

106 Tilting Lock Distance Key Hole 57 mm FASEM

$ 15,20 $ 19.00

108 Tilting Lock Distance Key Hole 73 mm Without Internal...

$ 13,24 $ 16.54

109 Tilting Lock Distance Key Hole 73 mm With Internal...

$ 11,86 $ 14.83

109/S Shutter Security Lock With Internal Lever FASEM

$ 15,20 $ 19.00

112 Central Shutter Lock FASEM

$ 10,98 $ 13.73

901 Lock to Thread to Strap Round Cylinder FASEM

$ 17,06 $ 21.32

911 Lock to Thread to Strap Shaped Cylinder FASEM

$ 17,06 $ 21.32

Replacement Cylinder for Lock FASEM

$ 6,18 $ 7.72

2222 Round Cylinder for Band Locks FASEM

$ 8,33 $ 10.42